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I am Female, which is important. *giggles* I am 27 years old. I am 5'7", brown eyes, brown hair streaked with black,copper,grey, and white - the last two contributed lovingly by my family and life experiences. My ethnic background consists of Japanese, Danish, German, Irish, and Lakota Indian (Native American). I was born in San Francisco, Ca and grew up on Yakota Air Force Base in Japan for 8 years. In 1991, my family moved to America where we settled in Charleston, South Carolina and remain to this day. I recieved a Bachelor of Arts degree from Winthrop University in Theatre with a minor study in Art. I am currently employeed with Barnes and Noble Booksellers and have returned to school to get a degree in Computer Animation. General interests include Learning about Computer Animation, spending summer days at the Beach with Friends and Family, Having down time to start reading a new book, spending hours wandering around a bookstore sipping on a cup of coffee, taking my dog to the dog park, having poker/movie/game night with friends, visiting the beach at night to stargaze, indulging in my creative artistic side, immersing myself in music, singing out loud in my car, looking foward to more road trips soon, and walking downtown with bubbles floating in the air (definitely made me giggle that day!)


I genuinly enjoy writing, but its only something I can do when I feel truely inspired to write. I have multiple journals floating around my room, and depending on my mood, the time of day, and the content of my writings will determine the journal that it will go into. My favorite form is poetry, mostly because its short enough that my imaginary ADHD wont kick in and Ill lose interest halfway through. Im really big on conveying images, pictures, and emotions in my pieces...and most of the time (especially with emotions) I will focus on one specific one and emphasis it. Im also big on fun and fanciful pieces as you may notice in some of them as well...mostly inspired by the child like Shel Silverstein works.




"The Voices"

"Organization of the Mind"

"A Love Letter"


"The Frog Ball"

"Death of a Camel"




Not much at the moment, but Im proud of what I have done. If you ever have any questions about myself or my writings, please always feel free to ask!

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