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Welcome to The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

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About Us

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Q: So, what kind of writing society is The Pen is Mightier than the Sword and what is it about?


A: As it was put by Jechum—“We the posters of posts in order to form a more perfect society that can cut across all boards, establish good fun, ensure values, increase board tranquility, provide common sense, promote humor, and secure the development of good writing, do ordain and establish the Society of "the Pen is Mightier than the Sword". Our primary goal is to create a family of posters who by working together can nurture growth and encourage creativity for all, by all.”


The people around here are, well, people. There is no personal profile that fits everyone, since we come from many countries, many cultures, and a broad age range. From students to professionals to students of life, we’re all represented here. Yet we are all drawn here as members of this community by a love of writing and the written word, by a shared desire to improve our skills, and by our appreciation of the warm and supportive environment we find and create here.


Come join us. Read, comment on what you read, write and receive comment. Guests are welcome to participate here, and that’s the best way to discover how our community works.

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Q: So who created The Pen anyway?

A: The beginning of the Pen goes something along the lines of this: Ozymandias, the old, dusty, dirty, old, drunk, old founder became irked with the total and utter lack of ability to be creative with the youngins these days. As such he wanted to form a guild whose sole purpose was to challenge others to come up with witty banter that they could share in between battles. Well, this was all well and good, but he needed more than one person to accomplish his goal, so he went out and recruited some of the biggest talents he could find. Unfortunately they were all busy so he got stuck with people like lumpenproletariat, Peredhil, Jechum, Racouol. Arawn and Zool just to name a few. Ozy also asked the greatest, best looking and most suave of all, Orlan, to join his group.

Orlan, ever so popular, could only serve as a voice for the group on paper, but still cheered them on (from the background….and rather quietly so no one knew he was). Ozy now had the manpower, he just needed a name, so once again he did the smartest thing ever, he asked the Sexiful Orlan for advice, and, after a long ICQ conversation that consisted mostly of suggestions that were replied with “Dude, that’s stupid” the name The Pen is Mightier then the Sword was chosen. Thus, from that day forth, The Pen has been a ground littered with the empty beer bottles of creativity, and the leftover pizza boxes of talent and the occasional pair of underwear of effort.And that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but what I’ve forced myself to believe.

Gwaihir's note: No peanuts for guessing that Orlan wrote this one :)

Orlan's counter-note: Orlan deserves MANY peanuts!

Ozymandias' counter-counter-note: Hi Mom!

Quincunx's note-on-the-counter: Orlan isn't just Lord of the Pants, he's Lord of the Peanuts [Gallery]!


Peredhil's note: The Pen was originally in the writing forums of the Guild servers hosting an online game, Archmage. The game is gone, but before it's end, The Pen is Mightier than the Sword ezboard was created by Jechum, so that the writing would not be lost. We quickly chafed at the restrictions of Ezboard, and the demoness-child Rune ported everything over to the current forum software.

Over the years, the Pen dwindled, and it wasn't collecting enough donations to pay the hosting fees, so the Ancient Patrick moved everything to be under his personal domain.

Edited by Peredhil

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