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Race-A Vampire Lord of 4,509 years.

Weapons-A vampire slayer's sword; leader class. He also weilds throwing daggers which he wears around his waist.

Armor-None, as he possesses great healing and dodging techniques.

Magic-Black arts and vampire ways.

Attitude-Prideful...too prideful. Black would risk his life for a thrill and/or die for honor.


Past, (this is way too long, so I'll be very vague)-Black was first known by the title The Warlord of Death. He had earned this title because his armies of darkness washed over many kingdoms driven by the good and the light. To many, the mere sight of his armies meant it was time for them to join the next dimension. He was later taken over by the mistake of entering a set of mysterious mountains and losing the bulk of his army. Death met up with the remainder of his troops back at his home fortress located in the wastelands. Death was the only one to escape this battle as the power of four holy armies attacked him from all sides.


In his mid life, Death went by either title. He was called Black by some and Death by others. At this point in his life, however, he had turned to a more neutral state of thinking. He basically did as he liked...whether it be save the world or doom it. With the absence of his now crumbled kingdom and vanquished armies, Black walked solo along the lonely lands of Terra...meeting up with others as he helped to take on many a quest for amusement or pleasure. Last, he saw Knight, a dominion that he fought against for a large portion of his life...he was deemed to be ok, as he'd risked his life to save a vampiress he'd grown quite fond of over the course of an adventure. The vampiress and Black soon parted ways, as time would have it, and thus he was sent back to his old, crumbled fortress in the lonely wastelands to achieve the goal of finding the Necronomicon, The Book of the Dead. (If you would like to know more, read my story. The link to it is... http://maskedprospect.proboards14.com/inde...&num=1082161599 ...I only want honest feed back...don't worry...I can take it:) I'll post the link in the Library as well for anyone that would like to respond to it.)


Appearance-Black has on a blood red tunic and pants for the most part and around him a large black cape able to conceal his entire body from the sun. Circling his waist are a line of throwing daggers and at his side is the sword of a Slayer.


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Race- Human


Appearance- Lotus is clothed in a jet black assassin's uniform...minus that of the head piece. He has mid-length brown hair and a pair of black shades. Along either side, Lotus dons two special daggers with the elements of Earth. From his walk to his attire...most see Lotus as a cool guy.


Attitude- Lotus thinks of himself as the ultimate being and would mouth off to God himself if the Lord stood in his way. He enjoys staring Death in the face and would take on insurmountable odds simply to prove his mastery of the assassin's skills...or due to simple boredom. He is a fabricator that will half the time also tell the truth. This style of living has made Lotus a mystery to even his closest of friends. Unlike the others of his kind...Lotus would generally face his opponents head on.


Alignment: Lotus is of a chaotic alignment...this meaning that he may choose to save the world one day and doom it the next.


Weapons- Lotus's weapon of choice is a green, vine shaped dagger at either side of his waist. Only when these daggers are on him can he use magic. Each dagger is imbuned with the power of Earth and gives their weilder power as such...as well as an unnaturally fast healing ability when standing upon Mother Earth. These daggers only offer their powers to one soul and that's Lotus. Anyone else...they will refuse to be anything out of the ordinary.


Aliases- Travis


Ability- Lotus has the ability of magic as well as a speed that most would desrcibe as a flash swooping past. He also contains the natural instincts of what would best be described as...a sixth-sense. This sixth-sense will locate any nearby target...hidden or unhidden with a certain accuracy. One target will be clear as day...two will be half that...and three will be barely noticable...but will still be able to be located by one as skilled as Lotus. Lotus has the ability to lie with top knotch skill.


Past- Lotus was born into the family of a poor farming couple. They didn't have much, but they had enough. Lotus was a happy...though this happiness wasn't to last. One fateful day...Lotus's mother and father were murdured by a cut throat...within his own home. The cut throat would have killed Lotus to...if he hadn't been slain by a warrior that just happened to be passing by. This warrior turned out to be an assassin known only as...Blaze. Blaze was the leader of an order known by the name...Elemental Assassins.


This Order was secret to most...those that did happen to stumble upon it were lucky at best. The Elemental Assassins kept their secret so well...for the fact that they were never caught...and thus...no-one could identify them. The Order was made up of but a select few members...these members being the best at what they do. Blaze was the leader and the assassin of the flame. Lotus soon became second in command and was the assassin of Earth. The rest of the members shared the same rank...these members being...the Twins and the Duke. The Twins were comprised of Bonnie, the assassin of water and Clyde, the assassin of ice. Alone they possesed no magic of their own...unless Bonnie was by the ocean or Clyde near any source of water. Together, however, they were a team that was difficult to defeat. Duke was the assassin of wind...and generally took the bold in your face attitude that was only shared by Lotus and Blaze. Unlike Lotus...both Duke and Blaze only showed this when they were extremely angry with the person or persons. Lotus did so for pure entertainment.


For most of his life...Lotus was raised by Blaze and taught in the arts of the assassin. During Lotus's training...Blaze came to realize that Lotus may have been weaker in strength then he, but faster in pure speed. Blaze also taught Lotus the code of the assassin...Lotus chose to call it...however...simply...the Code. This was once upon a time...long, long ago. As time passed on...Lotus went rogue and generally did as he pleased...whether it be destroy a town...or save it from destruction. This unlawful breaking of the Code prompted the current assassin of the wind and Duke's father...to hunt Lotus. A long story short...Lotus killed Duke's father and Duke took over as the new assassin of the wind. Seeing this, Blaze himself began his own hunt for the rogue assassin. Along the way, Lotus ran into Inbi...a young lady that he'd just happen to cross the path of. Another adventure of half lies and half truths later...Lotus killed Blaze. This left only him...the Twins...and Duke remaining in a once great Order. Lotus has now met yet another companion...one known as Samantha...yet the Order still hunts him...this time as a team. What will happen next...one can never tell!

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