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~Brief Description~


FrozenWombat is a rather enigmatic figure, with the ability to switch between human and animal form, although he spends the majority of his time in his animal form. A Wombat gifted with supreme control over temperature drops, he is rather... unique. He tends to eat various roots and herbs, and as of yet not another soul knows that he possesses the ability to return to human form. He enjoys coffee and other hot drinks, suprisingly enough.





After an early life of overly stereotypical 3rd-Edition Dungeons and Dragons adventuring, FrozenWombat was put through a rather drastic change.


A rather strange polymorphing accident (although the term "accident" is rather debatable) involving a corrupt Dungeon Master, a succubi, a stereotypically mad wizard, and a set of Hungry Hungry Hippos™ placed him in Wombat form, and he came to enjoy the benefits of his new stature, which was about 5 feet shorter than it had been previously.


Later unlocking hidden powers and ascending to the status of a near-demigod Archmage, FrozenWombat was recruited into the Army of Darkness in the alternate dimension known as Ager Guild. Suffering through several episodes in which he was killed and reborn, FrozenWombat became a feared name- his telemarketting hordes where nigh-unstoppable. As a result, their usage was eventually barred from the vast wars that took place on this and several other similiar dimensions. Returning to his Handy Dandy Pocket Plane™ after a species of Mari Monkeys caused the massive wars to cease via a grand piece of magic known as financial difficulties, FrozenWombat returned to find out that this same piece of magic had caused every last piece of geld he had to vanish, and is now seen leading a band of squirrel banditos across the frozen tundra of his homeland, in search of gold to pay off a series of rather unfortunate debts he acquired as part of a Contract of the Soul.



Work in Progress

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