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Note on the FAQs

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So, I've tried to create a FAQ that will answer some basic questions that people will have, but going on to some more advanced ones.


I deeply advise everyone to read this, whether to find errors I've made or to learn something interesting. Note that the questions are put in abbreviated form in the titles, so if the question doesn't make sense...read the question and/or PM an Elder.


All criticism, and all comments and questions in the Cabaret room, on these go in a PM to me, to spread awareness that these FAQs exist.


Much thanks to everyone who worked on these and helped out!

~ Gwaihir T



These FAQs have undergone several iterations, the first FAQ of which was constructed by Nyyark. Many thanks to him for starting on this task.

After some time, the FAQs were compiled by Gwaihir, above.


In that compilation, the questions were thought up by Yui-Chan, Tyrion, Merelas and Wyvern. Great thanks to you guys and girl for all your hard work. The answers were written by Gwaihir, Degenero Angelus, Aegon, Orlan, Salinye, Ayshela, Wyvern, Nyyark, and Yui-chan.


Eventually I reworked the layout, adding a Table of Contents and attempting to make it user-friendlier. We also added some questions that had popped up since the previous version, and that is basically what you presently see on your screen.

Thanks go out to Sweetcherrie, Yui-Chan, Peredhil, and the current Guild-Leaders for their contributions. If you see anything here that may be wrong, that is unclear, or needs editing in any way, please don't hesitate to let an Elder know.

All feedback is appreciated, no matter how small or in-depth.

~ Vlad



The FAQ was updated by Peredhil in June 2014.


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