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    The Ancient One
  • Birthday 05/23/1955

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    My beloved and our families, writing poetry, playing reincarnation, swimming, martial arts and reading scifi/fantasy novels. Discussing and understanding almost anything. Learning new things or having an epiphany about old things is bliss.

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    Eld, Dreamewalker
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    Male of Irish Scottish decent, 6th generation Australian......ummm apperarance, hmmm, hairy barbarian comes to mind...;)
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    Got out of the army in 1976, been in all facets of security since, Body guarded Boy George, Spadau Ballet, Fleetwood Mac, Joe Cocker, David Bowie in the 80's. Got into teaching, things like first aid, critical incident management, martial arts etc. These days I'm retired from all that hubub...:) I now work as a customer service liaison officer for the government.
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    Any way it comes is good (preferably in English so I can understand it of course)

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  1. The muse is as sweet as she is fickle and I live for her every visit....
  2. Eld

    The Ancient

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.....
  3. A forest doth sway in moonbeams it glimmers, as one small world in starlight doth shimmer, and cloud doth obscure the leaf strewn floor, above which once mighty eagles did soar. Not a whisper of wings or a stealthy footfall. Where are thee brothers for my heart it doth call? Awaken ye sleepers come wander with me, I’d hunt with thee again for ‘tis as it should be, many lifetimes gone and my spirit may not rove, ‘tis here for eternity aye keeper of the grove. Eld
  4. From the roar of the horde comes the call to arms, and the ancient doth sigh for shattered sweet calm, and their breasts do swell aye hearts they beat fast, as the ancient sighs again for he knows of this past, glory they shall cry and havoc will reign, the dogs will out aye ‘tis war once again, they’ll ne’er come home for they die in vain, for the glory of those who should hide in shame, now the ancient doth wait as the sun leaves the sky, and tears they trickle from his saddened eyes, oh the war it will come and the young they will die, without ever knowing why the ancient did sigh. Eld
  5. So show me my love in the corners of thy mind, all the shadows that dance, and the one heart that binds, a place where paths meet yet words swirl about, and so they divide alas shadows bring doubt, one path leads to a journey and a glittering sweet light, aye no shadows here where happiness is right, on a shimmering thread of golden hearts blood, a soul gently swaying as it sends forth its love, for ‘tis only myself who doth walk in thy dreams, as ‘tis only for thee I do weave these moonbeams. Eld
  6. Sunlight doth break from an easterly view and ye come forth in the dawn’s early dew, then harkens the day to the light of my life, aye the world it doth sing to thee my own wife, destiny hath touched thee thy soul be so rare, thy heart filled with courage and a beauty so fair, ‘tis like unto magic for a spell thou didst weave, elemental in nature my soul ‘twill ne’er leave, thee are of the heavens come down from above, for thou art my heartbeat aye thou art my true love. Eld
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