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  1. That just means he'd have to be blackmailed.
  2. As a wolf, I was fine with not revealing the roles. As a villager, I would have found it _very_ frustrating. Hence my post, that it would was very frustrating. As a player of subsequent games: keep the roles secret until the end. Adds uncertainty and excitement. Had a ball. _Very_ impressed by your LOTR knowledge. Loved the quotes. How much prep time did this take? Hugs.
  3. This is a good time to die. I'm gone all weekend at a SF convention.
  4. There. Done. Somebody avenge me. Thanks. It's been fun. Good hunting.
  5. Yeager noticed his surroundings because he smelled smoke. Not a good thing in winter, with everything dry. He ran towards the smoke and came out of the forest onto a plain. He was at the top of a tall hill, thick with grass and a few trees that led into the forest. There was a group of humans, some in armor, one directing the others who had barrels & tinder along a line 100 yrds wide. 'They mean to burn the forest.' He saw that there were half a hundred barrels on pack animals a upwind few hundred yards back of the group lighting the fire. And they could do it. A large enough fire would jump the wells, and the walls. Lothlorien itself would burn. The forest itself would survive and come back, but all the elves and animals in the forest would leave. 'There's probably an army on the far side to kill things that run from the fire.' As he watched two more groups went to the far sides of the line and began to make more fire. He quickly ducked down and slid his way down the hill, making his way to the well protected herd. Getting past the guards was simplicity itself for him, there not being a ranger amoungst them, slitting the harness so they were weak and the tie lines so that the animals could run while spooked was harder. Halfway through his task he heard a voice boom. "What ho, what is this?" He looked up and saw a huge human in plate looking down on him from the biggest horse he had ever seen, , another smaller man in leather running beside. "Dwarf, my master, Sir Agrave," said the running man. "Nay, too short, Neffi. Midget human perhaps. Of stunted growth & weak character. Grab him." The one called Neffi came forward and Yeager ran towards a horse, seeming to jump up, but instead went between the legs of the animal. Neffi yelped when he lost Yeager, then called for help from some of the guards, while the armored man yelled at him and laughed at the hobbits actions. He did not see when Yeager snuck up and hamstrung his horse with his sharp knife. The horse began to fall and Yeager expected the armored man to fall under the animal but he jumped clear, rolled and came up with a long sword ready in his hands looking directly at Yeager. "That animal cost me good gold and you ruined him. I'll get my price from your hide, midget." Yeager knew that his rocks would do no good against a man in full armor, and that the guards would soon capture him. His hopes of outrunning the man would prove fruitless if the man was as fast as he seemed. He could think of only one weapon. "Hobbit, actually," he said, sneaking a flask out from his ruck sack. "Of the shire. Yeager Tickle-Bottom, _not_ of your service." As expected, the armored man laughed at his name, as did several others within earshot. Yeager threw in a high easy lob the flask of light acid, used in tanning and preparing hides, acid usually diluted but here in a concentrated form, not nearly enough to kill, but should be enough to distract. The armored man was as quick as Yeager thought and swept his sword at the path of the object flying towards him, hoping to deflect it but instead smashing it, the liquid inside splashing all over his head and chest quickly soaking past the armor onto his skin. He screamed in rage and pain, and the Neffi and the guards heard Sir Agrave say: "Wash it out. Douse me with water, you idiots. Wash it off me." Neffi and several of the guards ran forwards with waterskins, washing the lye off the top of his armor and making more flow inside his armor, spreading it, so that more of Sir Agrave's skin was covered by it. He roared in more pain, distracting all but Yeager, who used this opportunity for him to escape. He blessed again his mimic ability and stopped at one of the last pack horses upwind of the herd. He snapped the harness which caused the barrel to drop and break, allowing Yeager to use his flint and steel. The oil caught with a few snaps, burning fiercely, catching the grass, the smoke now spreading amoungst the animals and causing them to panic. The guards, off position, were hard pressed to catch any animals, loosened as they were from their bonds. They bolted across the plain, this way and that. Yeager went about in the confusion, cutting lines further, giving orders in others voices, and having a grand time. Until two feet of steel slid through his kidneys and out his stomach. "Got you, you foul thing," said Sir Agrave. Yeager had never knew pain of this sort before. He wished it on his enemies. "Yes," he gasped, "but your plan failed." Sir Agrave looked at the confused mess of the men, the horses still running, his supplies spread out. Then he heard the cries of men being arrowed near the small fires already set. "The forest will live. The elves will come onto the plain to kill you. "And I alone stopped you." With a roar Sir Agraive twisted the sword and Yeager died. There were no horses of size to get him out and safe. He would have to fight and die there or give up his armor and hope for the best. He heard an elven warning horn from the forest.
  6. Can't say I'm real happy about not knowing what roles are still up. Have we gotten a wolf yet or are there still three? Is our protections still there or gone? Should we listen to the Seer type or is the Seer gone, too? Ah well, we'll cope. This is to confirm an accusation of: Ayshela => Linador, horse-master elf (male) from Rivendell I haven't checked but I think Linador has not had a vote yet. Don't want Linador to feel left out.
  7. Yeager walked amoungst the forest of mythical Lothlorien. But it wasn't a myth, it was here. Rich and wild. With _really_ mean squirrels. Big ones too. He was surprised they weren't armed. He heard a team of elven guards up ahead, stopped, then trod silently into a nearby shrubbery. They passed without noticing him. He kept silent because he knew if he surprised them he'd be arrowed before he could ask them not to arrow him. Too much had been happening. They were dropping like dumb bunnies. This one dead, then that one. Too many. And someone was the cause and not just the dark lord of Mordor. Who amoungst us seemed to be above suspicion? Not he. He got looks from some of the others. Yeager's mind turned back to the elves. And one in particular. He seemed to have the opportunity to do things to let people die. "Linador," he said aloud, then looked around, almost panicked that someone had heard. But no one was about. That one to watch now. ________________________ OOC: this is a vote for: Ayshela => Linador, horse-master elf (male) from Rivendell I haven't checked but I think Linador has not had a vote yet. Don't want Linador to feel left out.
  8. Yeager cursed again at the empty snare. He was off his game. Usually hunting came easily to him. But not these days. He was way out of the area he usually hunted, beyond anything he dreamed of travelling too. He missed the frontier of the shire terribly. He sniffed, his eyes misting for a moment. 'No time for that,' he thought. 'Party needs fresh food. Depending on me.' He added some tubers to his gathering bag. 'So far I've come.' He looked towards Mordor. 'So very far to go.' He shuddered but carried on.
  9. Umh, scorecard? You got it. Sorry.So used to D & D. And we're walking...
  10. The numbers fallen in the time allowed could not be by chance or just by mischance. 'Someone is pushing us,' thought Yeager. 'I first thought elves vs dwarves, but maybe a human. They've always been factious themselves. And using factions against each other is how they stay strong.' 'Turin. Yes, that is his name. Isn't he experienced in...ah, politics, that's what it is called. 'He bears watching.
  11. This is to accuse: Akallabeth => Turin of Dol Amroth, human, Dúnadan Sorry I didn't have time to expand my story beyond basic accusal.
  12. _That's what I was looking for. Thanks Akallabeth Both.I missed the last battle so I wanted to have another. I did goblins and no rock troll to make it different from the books. And I wanted the whole 'start a story, someone else continues, someone else continues' thing. Hope you people had fun. I know I did.
  13. As the battle continued, Yeager kept an eye on Jagkatha, but not so much as to risk his life. If they came out of this, she'd probably blame him for not warning about the flanking. She'd have a grudge, and elves could be very subtle when holding a grudge. And patient, too. Elves were said to hold a slight for much longer than other folk.
  14. Jagkatha was the first to see them and let fly. It hit the goblin in the throat so it fell silently, not able to warn it's fellows. The other bowmen opened fire at the same time, felling several. The band, knowing the sneaking was up, rushed forward with a yell. "Back to the bridge," yelled Turing, "make them come to us." While he, Garnorn, and Seothen had a holding action, with the bowman supporting, the others grabbed equipment and backed away from the main battle. The front men gave ground but slowly, their mail and shields stopping all but the luckiest blows, but the numbers against them seemed large. "Get ready to run if we need to," said Megwyn. "Dwarves don't run from a few goblins," said Frerin "Where would we run to," rumbled Rootmaker. "Up the passage," she replied, her sword biting deep into a rather pesky goblin. "The goblins coming the other way may make that hard," said Rootmaker. Sure enough a glance across the bridge showed a number of goblins rushing to the far side to flank them. "Yeager," said Jin, running to the far end to hold it. Yeager dropped the bundle he was carrying. "I was busy. Called away." He reached into his pocket and threw a stone, not in the face of the nearest goblin, but in the knee. It fell, and the ones running behind piled up on that one, delaying them enough for Jin to get into position. "Maybe we can escape by climbing down," said Irvin. He reached the railing and peered down, then looked again thinking he saw movement. He threw down the brand he had that revealed dozens of goblins on the ground below. "Not that way either," he gulped. There was a clink behind him and he turned and saw a climbing iron had been thrown and was set. "Little help," he said, going to cut the rope and hearing a number of other clinks along the long bridge. "Little helping," said Filk, running along the bridge to cut lines. Their equipment was well on the bridge, the front men suffering small wounds, the bowmen beginning to check their ammunition, wondering if there were more goblins than arrows and fearing it so. How would they get out of this?
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