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  1. The release into ones own freedom...a lovely place to reside. Some nice connections in your sonnet..
  2. Hi Brighid, Not sure where you introduce yourself so just landed in with the thoughts of the moment.. Thankyou for sharing
  3. Alethia

    The Work

    In the lie.. their lays many treasures- creative endeavours and your poem expresses this well.
  4. As someone who has read to small children in a past job, I was envisioning the little faces, immersed and fascinated by your wonderful story
  5. I enjoyed reading your story, a very sad ending..that made me smile..
  6. Landing in the unknown another chapter of your life unsure, mixed in feeling yet ready to explore with delight As pages have turned, I have observed and learned potential awakened yet nothing set firm I long for that chapter where you enter and know, what you are doing in this book about to flow You remember how easy each creation you found, a potential in waiting for something not bound Not bound by a drifter who drifts in and out, but settled and richer, in much more than just a bout You long to immerse into something worthwhile, something so deep flowing and wild As I turn to myself in this space looking back, I have seen my potential step by step in fact To stay a while in a much richer way, I long for the writer in me to say I can pick up past potential, I can use it all at a whim, I can create from heart I can create anything Many suffer writers blocks, but in this moment I feel, awakened and sad, for some reason unknown to this deal This contract called life where you lose your immersion of the deep, I long as a writer to find it and keep Keep it all in me, not a whim or faze, A knowing deep down that I can deepen and stay Stay immersed and complete something more than a clue, a mirror or reflection It's so long overdue...
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