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Degenero Angelus

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  1. Julius Of the Iskari Not a house, per se, but more of a brotherhood, The Iskari are a secretive, but well known, group of assassins and blademasters. Tall and slim, with a grace nearly unmatched in men, Julius is one of the assassins trained by the Iskari. His weapons are as hidden as his past, and no one has ever seen one of them more than once. A cleanshaven face to match his cleanshaven head, he dresses all in grey. Nothing is known about him except for his name, his face, and that he comes to the court by direct invitation of the regent His demon form, like his weapons, have never been seen by anyone living.
  2. If it comes down to it, I can. Though there's a bunch of people here who'd do a better job
  3. ~List of Works~ PROSE Title Subtitle Forum Comments Isle of Tears Assembly As yet untitled, part 1 Assembly Dancing in the Shadows (Part 1) Rewritten Assembly The Traitor who Loves You Assembly
  4. ~List of Works~ POETRY Title Forum Comments Weenie Awardee Banquet to buy off the Weenie An IRC poem Banquet Wondering Banquet Well... Banquet Fear Banquet Who needs a title? (A.K.A. This is for you, Elrond Peredhil) Banquet Been awhile for hear, too Banquet Of silliness Banquet u/t Banquet Sorrow and sadness Banquet Like the others Banquet Simple Banquet The Alphabet Banquet My Old Stuff Banquet Stuff from the Archmage BB Silence Banquet Stone Banquet Untitled Banquet Sunshine Banquet Rhyme... Banquet Friends Banquet Venting, in verse Banquet Titleless Banquet Untitled Banquet ...... Banquet n/t Banquet The Fall Banquet My own prayer Banquet ..... Banquet Flicker Banquet n/t Banquet Another untitled Banquet Armageddon Banquet Silver streams Banquet untitled Banquet My Dearest Banquet The Holy Filament Banquet How the Beauriful Decay Banquet When all senses fail Banquet The last days Banquet I'm having a *bad* day Banquet Another bad day, do they ever end? Banquet From Banquet Wishes Banquet Desolation Banquet Light and Dark Romantic Rhymes When You Are Gone Melancholy Melodies Fate Banquet Tears Banquet Fevered Delusions Banquet Dusk Banquet An end to pain Banquet Shades Banquet Getting Rid of theWeenie Banquet Hatred Banquet Contrast Banquet untitled Banquet in answer to Tanuchan's Pain co-op Banquet poems written in cooperation with Tanuchan Worthless Banquet untitled Banquet in answer to JaZzMaN251's Grass
  5. He keeps his mouth shut about his problems, even when they're huge, just to listen to mine when I need. *bump*
  6. ~Physical Description~ Angelus is shorter than Degenero, but only by a few inches. Both are well over 6 feet tall. Angelus is strong, and well muscled, where Degenero is thinner, and more dexterious looking. They're both rather attractive in their own ways, and both have the same face. Angelus has long flowing white hair, while Degenero has black hair that is kept short and well cropped.
  7. ~Abilities~ Both of the angels can channel the raw force of unfocused magic and force it into doing almost anything. There is very nearly no limit to the magical power that they can weild this way. Both of them are masters of their chosen fighting technique, and are adept at a vast majority of others. Angelus can fly with his wings, but Degenero can't because his are tattered.
  8. ~Items~ Between them they have innumerable magical items. If you need something done, chances are that they can do it. They only have two items that truly matter, though, and those are their swords. Justice - Angelus' longsword made of white gold. It shines with a light brighter than the sun, that of the Almighty. The sword cleaves through the ranks of undead and demons as if they were made of paper. Insithus - Degenero's katana. Insithus is forged from pure black steel, and quenched in the blood of a human. It will kill anything mortal in one touch, and most things immortal. The sword seems to drain light from around it, appearing not like the normal color black, but more of an absence of light.
  9. ~Personality~ Angelus is a calm, gentle, loyal being. He's the very epitome of a perfect soldier. Making friends is not something in his nature, as he doesn't trust people. He's serious to a fault and has no time for a sense of humor, which also makes it hard for people to like him.. He's very cold, but polite, until you prove your worth to him. He will defend the few he calls friend from anything at all, and would only betray them by order of God. Degenero is the polar opposite of everything Angelus is. He's mean, virulent, scornful, opportunistic, and obnoxious. If you dare to waste his time, he is likely to kill you. He makes short term 'friends' very easily, because of his nature. He has a massive amount of charisma, and until people get to know him truly, they have no reason to dislike him. He will steal, kill, seduce, use, and abuse anyone and anything if it will gain him something.
  10. ~History~ “I don't think that's a good idea, Lord.” spoke Inki-tarin Aurol, Archangel of the Third House, Fourth of the Angels of Magic, and Throne of the Magic of Elves. With those words he was blasted by the power of the Almighty, and was cast down to Earth, disgraced. Devestated by his loss, and the withdrawl of the Grace left him a broken, shattered being. Half of him was twisted by the pain and horror of the Fall and became a shadow of his being, a mockery of all he stood for.
  11. ~Brief Description~ Degenero Angelus is a fallen angel, exactly as old as the multiverse itself. He has two physical and mental halves. They share each other's memories, but involuntarily trade control based on the sun. Both are tall and wear long flowing clothing, and each is proficient with his own weapon. Both are extremely powerful, being able to channel enough raw magical energy for nearly any task. They have the same face, but Degenero, the night persona, is slightly taller with cropped black hair and dark clothes. Angelus is stronger, but has white clothes and hair, which he keeps long. Degenero is charismatic while Angelus is aloof, but it's the former who is mean and opportunistic, while the latter is loyal and polite. Both have wings, but Angelus, who has a pentagram on his chest that he keeps out of view, can fly while Degenero, who leaves out in the open the large cross on his back, cannot. They share a common goal: To get back into Heaven. Disclaimer: This description was written by Katz as part of her quill-quest.
  12. ~List of Works~ ~List of Works~ ROLE-PLAYED STORIES Title Forum Character Werewolf vol.I: Back to Romania Conservatory Werewolf III: The Case of Garnavon Hall Conservatory Sir Alfred Peterson Werewolf IV:Attack of the Atomic Space Werewolves Conservatory Zachary Evans Werewolf Ho-o! (Werewolf V) Conservatory Markus Black Werewolf VI (School Days) Conservatory moderator Werewolf VII: World War Toon Conservatory GIR Werewolf IX (It's a party!) Conservatory Reprising Markus Black Werewolf XVI: Star Wolf Conservatory moderator Werewolf XVII: Pulp Wolf Conservatory Ezekiel "Zeke" Thompson
  13. ~Biography~ I'm 18, I'm a boy, and I'm American. My name is Ken. I'm a student of Psychology, soon to be going to the University of Michigan. That's about it Feel free to ask questions
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