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Writing Exercises - Inspiration

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We've done this sort of thing before. If you're looking to write something short to stretch your writing muscles, or you want to write something longer but don't know where to begin... it can help to take some random but juicy items and try to fit them together somehow.


If you use up one of these, please post it in its own thread wherever it belongs (probably the Assembly Room), please put up a link here, and make an attempt to come up with other items for someone else to use. :) If you use an already-used collection, or you only use 3 items, or you just pop in and add a collection without writing... whatever!


Collection #1: a light bulb, an interestingly-shaped cloud, a wet shoe, and a missing cell phone

Collection #2: a empty or mostly empty notebook, an echo, a rusty wrench, and a water bottle

Collection #3 (Probably-Fantasy Edition): a skeleton, a faded coin, a campfire song and a shield as big as a person

Collection #4 (Sci-Fi Edition): gravity boots, a mostly empty phaser, a bitter cop, and a very thin rope

Collection #5: a hedgehog, a yellow coat, a secret passageway and a handlebar mustache


Bonus points if you write a story for every single one of these (by which I meant 5 stories, but 1 is even more impressive).

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