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Freya Baggins


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You know,

I loved you.


Now, I'm not so sure.

My life is precious,

not to be thrown away,

chasing some childish fantasy.

If you waste my time

You aren't even worth my thought.


You'll never know me now.

Does it hurt?

Even a little?

No, because I'm a coward.

I can't even say this to your face.

I'm the fool.

You're just the boy.

I was stupid.

I fell for you,

though you didn't want me.

You saw only a friend.

Never a lover.

Never anything, really.

I should take the hint.


Abandon you.

But I can't,

because I'm a coward.

My cowardice won't let me go.

or stay.

Change frightens me,

but my sanity demands it.

So this is goodbye.

Maybe someday,

you will see me again.

And I'll finally say.

"Idiot, I love you."

And you'll say,

"I know."

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