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Just what is Cook? Where is it? Why do Mortimer and Wahlter want to find it so badly? These questions will soon be answered; Mortimer is about to reveal the legend!








Setting: Die Welke Pub, Düsseldorf, West Germany; August, 2009 AD, Afternoon





Mortimer, Wahlter, Daeic, and Alestair are all chatting around their table.


Wahlter ponders over his glass. “You know, lads, it's shameful, the price of whiskey theses days, why back when I was in university, I could buy 5 tankards then, for the price of one glass of this piss water today”


Wahlter downs his drink.


Wahlter asks Mortimer “As my new assistant, I must ask, are you familiar with the legend of Cook?


Wahlter raises his hand, index finger outstretched and waves it around in the air

Mortimer answers. “Yes, sir, I'm Cooki myself, I grew up with all the stories, and the culture.”


Wahler leans in, intrigued.

“Truly? Facinating! I would very much love to hear the legend straight from a Cooki. If you would oblige me of course.”


A waitress brings a new round of drinks to the table. Daeic watches her, smitten.

Mortimer says slowly, “Well I think I can recite it.”


The waitress leaves with the empty glasses, and Daeic watches her leave.

Mortimer ponders, “Now how did it start?”

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