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Atadiusti - The Writer


* ~Introduction~: Atadiusti is Cherokee for "thorn" or "bramble," and that's exactly what I fancy myself as: The thorns of a beautiful flower. I'm stoic, patient, quiet and observant; an introvert to the extreme. I take everything in stride, no matter how strange or odd, and I'm proud to say that nothing really phases me. I enjoy writing, drawing, singing, playing music, and martial arts.


* ~Biography~: When I was born, lightning flashed and thunder crashed. The sun and moon were hidden from view, and the skies burned. The oceans boiled and became as blood. Children screamed without knowing why, and the devil died of a heart attack. Now, I make women swoon, hooligans cower, and I live with Ozymandias.


Lyrics [/headercell]
Brokn Mind The first set posted on the Mighty Pen, and used as my application piece. It's a song about what it feels like to be in my head.
Dark Angel It's a song written about striding forward through hard times. I wrote it when I was being exposed to a lot of negative thinking from friends and acquaintances. Everyone was thinking about giving up, that their problems made life unbearable. I thought their troubles were rather trivial when compared to all I'd been through. I wrote the song to emphasize that adversity is not something to fear, and is at once the verbalization of my collective kicks in the rear and shoulder to cry on.
Mourn, The Dead I've been to a lot of funerals, friends and family, young and old. Everyone else is always crying, or on the verge. everyone sad, angry or both. I found nothing worth crying about, but it always has fascinated me to wonder, "how do the dead feel?" The song is meant to portray those feelings
Prayer If one has been raised in a specific religion, it is a natural occurrence to go through a phase where one questions one's own faith and may either come out with a stronger faith, a different faith, or it could be lost entirely. "Prayers" is about my own crisis of faith.
Carpe Diem The song is about driving forward, working toward making one's dreams come true, and seizing the day.
Welcome To Hell [/td]
Animalias is about having a strong, prominent primal/bestial aspect to one's self and about living with it. To me, It's self empowering.
Metamorphosis Novel WIP - Scifi Story that includes a modern setting, and 'Werewolves' with a unique, scientific explanation for existence.
The Magpie's Screams Novel WIP - Scifi Fantasy blend story with a post-apocalyptic setting, includes magic, ESP, and beings from other dimensions such as dragons
Like Clockwork Comic WIP Steampunk comic series; I'm working on scripts for storyboarding, and looking to get an artist draw the comic for me.


List of Characters

Like Clockwork


CharacterBrief DescriptionHistoryAbilities/SkillsPhysical DescriptionPropsPersonalityRelationships


Mortimer MontgomeryCooki Traveller, locksmith, group leader...Mortimer is skilled at making locks and keys, and by association is a good lockpick as well.From the top, Mortimer wears a Gatsby/derby hat. On top of the top hat, he sports a pair of goggles. For goggling at people. He has a T-Shirt with broad, horizontal black and white stripes as well as a leather jacket that doesn't quite reach his belt, though the sleeves reach his wrists.Mortimer's belt, in addition to holding up his pants, holds a keyring full of skeleton keys and the control box for his Leg Jets. Three straps support each of the (loosely) conically shaped, brass Leg Jets. Mortimer is curious, adventurous, and just a bit stubbornMort's the leader of the team, and manages to be good friends with everyone. He's Prof. Thibodeaux's assistant, though in name only.


Professor Wahlter John ThibodeauxRetired Archaeology and Anthropology professor at Oxford, field archaeologist, aged explorer, knight, and owner of the Airship "The Jove"...Thibodeax is great at decifering ancient texts, speaks 26 languages (27 if you count French, "those bloody frogs"), and has great experience and wisdom to share, due to his partial deafness, he has also become a proficient lip-reader.Aged, tall and lean, he has a gaunt face and greying blond hair. He is very much an English gentleman, with safari outfit. In 'civilized company', he wears a tophat.Possesses a pair of hook-shots, a net launcher, and a pneumatic hammerStill holds onto grandiose dreams of running the world from his youth, has gone senile. Is now partially deaf (although able to lip read extraordinarily well), and gives advice to the younger characters, whether solicited or not.Believes Jarvis to be his butler, a job that Jarvis actually complies to. Is the proud employer of Daeic and Alestair (and, well, everyone else).


Daeic Kirkphysically handicapped airship pilot for the "Jove"...Daeic is an excellent pilot, even with his handicap. Thin with dark brown hair. Is confined to a wheelchair. Left arm and both legs are partially crippled.Wheelchair has a special attachment for collapsible helicopter rotors, and another attachment for a small machine gun. Carries two handguns, but only uses one at a time.Loud, and often speaks before thinking. Believes that the Earth mocks him and likes to "stick it to gravity" whenever possible. Favorite foods are eggs and poultry, despises vegetables.Employed by Thibodeax as a personal pilot, like a chauffeur. Has a deep friendship with Alestair, and a crush on Oleta.


Alestair CorusGunslinger, ex-soldier, hired bodyguard for Thibodeax...Alestair is a proficient gunslinger and is a skilled marksman with any pistol or rifle. Alestair has a good mind for strategy and tactics. Alestair has learned hand to hand combat from his military days, and is astoundingly toughAverage height and average build with curly brown hair. Always wears a greatcoat over whatever clothes he wears.Has two oversized revolver handguns in holsters, and another concealed rifle hidden under his greatcoat. In cold weather, he wears a wide brimmed hatQuiet and stoic, rarely speaks. Enjoys peacefulness, but is always on guard in public areasProudly employed by Prof. Thibodeaux. Close friends with Daeic, caught in a love triangle between Oleta, and Jackie, whom he also teaches how to use a handgun.


Dr! Jarvis "J.D." Donovan Whitecastle ("Because the Doctor! part is important!")Licensed physician, and combat medic, psychologist (Holds Ph.D.s in Psychology, Biology, and an M.d. and was an Army Medic Corp.). Thibodeaux has hired him as the crew medic on the "Jove." Only one problem: March hares don't even come close to being as mad as Jarvis....Jarvis is an expert physician and skilled surgeon. He is an authority on the anatomy and physiology of humans and many animals besides. He is amazingly strong, quick, and agile, especially for his build. Because of his physical ability and anatomic knowledge, Jarvis is unparalleled in hand to hand combat, and is well in control of his lethality.Jarvis is tall, and lanky. He is thin, and at to most, appears nonathletic. Straight black, shoulder-length hair frames his angular, scarred face. He has a goofy, cheerful expression. Wears only a white lab coat and leather pants. In combat, he dons leather and brass shoulder pads/torso armor and a leather scrum cap with a red cross painted on top of it – Issue Medic Corp.Carries a large rectangular shield around on his back wrapped in a copper coil and attached to a battery pack. He also carries a special punching dagger/scalpel, and, while spinning on its ball bearing, can be used as a drill. He also has a special syringe with several vials around it, allowing it to work like a pen with different colored ink cartridges. J. D. Whitecastle is insane: screw-loose, and often nonsequitor, however his psychoses are mostly harmless. He is commonly very congenial, upbeat, nutty, even moronic (or seemingly so). But when calamity strikes, the goofy smile disappears, the twinkle in his eyes becomes a gleam, and he becomes "dead" serious. Jarvis firmly believes that anything and everything is subject to experimentation, including friends, family, and himself, but his ...unique sense of morality still prevents him from performing vivisections.

His medical knowledge, his surprising agility, speed and precision, and his unpredictability make him a dangerous opponent, no matter what his mood.

Jarvis is the crew physician, and as such holds a close, albeit tense (no one wants to wake up on the operating table as the subject of one of his crazy whimsical experiments), relationship with everyone. Humors Thibodeaux, as the Prof.'s senility makes him believe Jarvis is his old butler.


Theodore 'Jacques' TelfaireSkilled mechanic, and even more skilled chef. Hired by Thibodeaux as a cook for the "Jove"...Jacques is an amateur chef, but cooks like a pro. Is able to fix up a variety of things, from entrees to pastries, weapons, to steam engines.Fairly tall and husky build. Short, light brown hair, and a goateeWears a toge and a blacksmith's apron with dark-lensed goggles, Uses a flamethrower-pistol-with-tank-back-satchel with four nozzles: flamethrower, oxy-fuel welder, cutter, and cooking torch (flambe).

Bit of a pyromaniac, strict taste for food, loves spicy food. Highly prefers to be called 'Jacques'. Wants to become a great chef in a French restaurant. Believes fire can solve any of his problems: cooking, engineering, repairing, burning; fire does it all. Is overly descriptive of processes and situations.Is handy man for everyone's tools and such, and is constantly making repairs and upgrades. Gets along curiously well with Abigail.


Abigail Beatrix Schwarz, a.k.a. Black AbbeyEx-pirate, treasure hunter, airship navigator for the "Jove"...Abigail is a brilliant pilot and navigator, and is skilled at appraising treasure and valuable objects. She has a connection to the criminal underworld and black market, and as such can obtain just about anything.Abigail is a thick, butch woman of average height. Her black hair is pulled into tiny thin braids, and collectively tied back into a ponytail. She wears a black vest over a top that is cut across the shoulders. The shirt is off-white and has formal cuffs. She wears either lace fingerless gloves or some type of leather hand-accessory. She wears a maroon/crimson-red skirt that is rushed up to revel the bottom edge of her bloomers. The leggings that she wears are red and black with ankle-high buckle-up boots.Abigail carries a large revolver handgun holstered at her right thigh. She has a collar necklace with a key pendent hanging from it. Abigail is rude, vulgar, brash, and loud in order to hide the fact that inside she feels scared and alone. She is fiercely loyal and even possessive of her friends and comrades. Abigail is stubborn and can't stand the idea of being wrong.Abigail holds an influence (some would say a bad influence) on Oleta, and mentors her on life.


Ophelia DiLaurenciaYoung scientist specializing in sensory perception (particularly light and sound)......Tall and hefty, glasses, dark makeup, shoulder length brown hair thrown into messy pigtails. Wears wrinkled black and gray skirts, black and gray striped shirt, fingerless gloves, black boots and black buttoned vest....Generally extroverted and friendly unless offended, in which case she will become rather quiet and perhaps even secretly vengeful. Witty and loves nothing more than a good laugh. A natural sense of curiosity has given her inspiration for her creative inventions, including her sound wave weaponry. Collects anything that catches her eye, including buttons, glass and old jewelry, all of which she can be very possessive over. She dislikes conflict and the militarization of science, and as such would rather use her inventions defensively than offensively....


Oleta DiLaurenciaYoung female tag along, works an the capacity of an assistant for her older sister.................


Jacqueline "Jackie" Seraph ThaleEx-pirate, treasure hunter, airship navigator for the "Jove"..................


Seamus SerializesMinstrel, Sharpshooter, Mercenary Assassin, Traveling Bard..................

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