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NightFae's return to The Mighty Pen.

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After an excruciatingly lonely and poetry deprived two years (give or take) in the so-called "real world", NightFae, more commonly known as Fae, trudged through the immense amount of snow on the ground, determined to make it back to the Mighty Pen. She had not realized until just recently quite how much she had missed the Pen, and how much fun she had had there, but a recent visit with the wonderfully Polite Peredhil and beautiful Mynx gave her the tiny push that she needed to come home.

Home. What a wonderful word. I'm almost there!

She opened the door and collapsed on the floor, her tiny body shivering almost to the point of convulsions. "OH SWEET JESUS, MARY, AND JOSEPH. WARMTH!!!"

At the very least, there was the warmth of happy memories and love that filled one of the many holes in her heart. She had not until now had any doubts that she would be welcomed back with warm, loving arms and many tacklehugs, but she hoped very much that not too much had changed in her absence and that she wasn't just forgotten over time. She hadn't written much since she left, merely one poem or so, but she desperately wanted to finish her Quill Quest and enjoy the company of those she cared for.

Much had changed in Fae's world, including herself, and she was glad to finally be home and bring her life experiences with her, to learn, grow, and share with anyone willing to give her a second chance of sorts.

Home. I'm here. I've made it. Now. To find that blasted dragon. I have a gift for that man...Dragon...He knows what he is, damn it.


I really didn't know where else to post this, and it seemed fairly appropriate for it to be here. If anyone who can move this finds a place it would fit better and would like to, please feel free to do so. I know it's been a really long time since I've even logged in (partly in the past year or so because I forgot my password and didn't think to ask anyone with the ability to change that for me until tonight), but I'M BACK! I don't know exactly how much poetry, if any, I'll be able to submit for a while, as my brain's been more focused on dealing with life's issues than writing about them, but I'd like to get back in the habit of doing so. I've missed everyone here and I'm here to stay so long as I'm welcome. :D

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