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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

An introduction called for, an application required

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"Why, thank you m'lady Mynx..." C eyes the wyvern and nods slightly, "My thanks... now I think I need a frame, but in the meantime..." C rolls up the parchment and puts it in a waterproof tube. Then he locks and seals it and puts the key safely away. Then he meets the wyvern's eyes, "That'll be 500 geld, thank you. Paper is expensive; parchment even more so. Now it's been enchanted, the value has been trebled." C smiles sweetly. "I trust this won't be a problem?"


C admires his shiny new title and smiles...


"...So, who among you is up for restoring the Lizard's mags? Let us band together, and seek to resolve this issue, that other initiates may not suffer such irateness as I and Colemanite_flakes! Let us spare them from the Lizard! Together... we are... Fellowship of the... Mags? ...That name really needs some work on. Regardless, forwards! For geld, glory and... unsavoury magazines?

"Geez, this is the worst excuse I've come across for a quest..."




OOC: Thank you - I'm looking forward to it :). So far, it's been fun!



Following on from this, the quest to restore the Lizard's mags begins here!

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