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"The Silver Bottomed Staircase" by Degorram

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Great story so far Degorram, I'm really enjoying it! :-) I love the noble Victorian era feel of the setting and the way that the tone and narration of the story compliment this setting. The tale of Violet and her discoveries is told with a care and eloquence matching that of the characters, and I really like some of the descriptions, such as the drops of rain "collected on the leaves of the pines like little jewels adorning fine ladies." The initial discovery of Anton mixes elements of horror with elements of fantasy nicely, and there's a certain realism in the events of the story that strengthens things further. I'm currently very curious to see whether this strange prisoner is an actual physical person of some sort of spectral apparition, or perhaps Violet's mind playing tricks on her. My only worry thus far is the last part of the second post, as I'm hoping that this story won't be taken in a purely romantic direction... I'm sure you have some interesting ideas for it, though, and am definitely looking forward to your continuation. :-)


Thanks for sharing this, Dego. Might be one of my favorite of your stories yet. :-)

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