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Xaious, Master of Time

Alternations: Exercise Someone's Mind

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(OoC: Go here for a list of available characters. In this thread, we all take turns writing short stories with other people's characters. This is your catalyst...[i'll be hopping into the actual story-writing action after work tomorrow.])



It was a dark and stormy night at the Keep of the Mighty Pen. The night sky flashed frequently, furiously framed through innumerable windows, the thunder rolling consistently through the night. Many suffered troubled sleep, and the few who could, slept fitfully, their dreams invaded by figures indescribable.

As the storm troubled on, numerous Pennites sought an answer for the strange storm, before eventually being taken over by dreary drowsings. Those who chanced a glance out the windows beheld a night black as pitch, where no stars burned, norr moon glowing, and even the courtyard was dark.

Yet in the distance floated a cloud, amorphous and gargantuan, fuzzy-edged and ominous in appearance.

A cloud exhibiting the most curious self-luminescence, gray-brown tinted heavily green, the shade of death born of the swamps. And the few who lingered conscious long enough discerned its lazy trek towards the mighty Keep.


The flashings and thunderings continued throughout the night, though no one once saw lightning, from the cloud nor elsewhere, and the thunder seemed to come from the very hearts of the weary.


When morning came around, as the many Pennites awoke, few could recall the storm, and fewer understood why they fell asleep in such odd locations and situations. But all knew something was different...

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Clank. Clenk. Clank. Clack. Clank.





One by one, the geld dropped from a well-practiced and scaled hand, into a shiny pile of their brethren.

"Two hundred and forty. I think itsss time for a new....scheme..." The overgrown lizard licked his lips ponderously for a few minutes, before an idea popped into his head.


After carefully shoving his geld into a bag, the almost dragon reached into his desk and pulled out his trusty Almost Dragonic Brand Intercommunication Audio-Input Device, and after a batting away a brief concern that it just might not work, proceeded to press its big red button and issue forth his newest scheme...


"Salutationsss, loyal ssubje...Citizensss. Last nights storm send you running for your livesss? Living your dayss in fear of the skiesss? Are you worried about other people.... PEEKING into your thoughts and dreamsss!?" The almost dragon stifled a chuckle.

"Then you need the Almost Dragonic Brand Personal Anti-Storm and Pre-Emptive Anti-Mental-Offensive-Strike Headgear! Guaranteed to Keep your head dry and your mind unoccupied! And it can be yours for the low low price of only ten easy payments of twenty five Geld! But wait, there's more! If you order RIGHT NOW, your P.A.S.P.E.A.N.M.O.S. Headgear will be delivered directly to you in its own, handcrafted "C.A.R.D." Bored Box! What are you waiting for, don't think, ORDER NOW!"

After releasing the button, the over-grown lizard leaned back into his chair, grinning. He'd just made what had to have been the single most perfect sales pitch ever, and by the use of his I.A.I.D., everyone within at least two Almost Dragonic Miles had to have heard him! Now, all there was for him to do was to let the Geld roll in. And hatch new schemes.


And prepare some Almost Dragonic Brand L.E.G.A.L. Documents proving himself unaccountable for countless complaints regarding "broken windows" and "busted eardrums."


Soon, there was a knocking on his door...



(OoC): Alrighty, your turns ^_^

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