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Poem I made

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edit: shoot, I put poemS.... :( not supposed to be plural, sorry :(

[mod edit] No worries about that =) As you seemed a bit upset by the mistyping, I took the liberty of editing the title for you. Also, there's a comment thread for your poem at the Critic's Corner. Welcome to the Pen! ~Tanny




Hiya, n00b here :D lol.


I did write a book.... but alot of people said it was like twilight, so I'm taking a break :P


well, I got really upset. stressed with life etc.....


WELL. I wrote a poem :)


The song of Mr Flight


The beeping softly sings me to sleep

Mother at my side, please, don’t weep

Soon it will be over, I promise, dear

All too soon, I can not hear.

Where am I now? The walls are sheet white,

A name tag by my bed, deeming me Mr Flight.


A song from the distance, edging nearer and nearer,

All too soon, getting clearer and clearer.

Heaven and earth seem so distant now,

Floating in between death and life’s row.


The singing angels are in my sight,

Turning the day into a slow night.









sooo whatcha think? :)

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