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"Despondent Winter" by Kikuyu Black Paws & Degorram

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Kikuyu & Dego,


I enjoyed reading this piece of backstory from the lives of Kikuyu and Degorram. :-) It's always interesting to read pieces of history from the lives of pennite characters prior to their arrival at the Pen, as it makes for more detailed and developed personas to play off of. Actually, would the two of you be interested in collaborating on a serious (or not so serious!) RP thread at some point involving the powerful necromancer that Kikuyu & Degorram think they've destroyed? I could see an interesting plot developing in a future thread where it turns out that the necromancer is still alive, and then it's up to the Pen to combine its forces to fend him off... Nothing to immediately think about, but I'll let the idea marinate for a while. Also, I really like how you incorporate a bunch of Pen characters into the segment about your arrival at the Pen, and think that you reference them well. :-) I'm also honored to have been chosen as the Pen tour guide for Kikuyu and Degorram's introduction to the Keep *cue scaly blush.* Hope those venus fly traps worked out! ;-)


Cool stuff. :-)

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