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Jhenrau Tyier

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Jhenrau Tyier (pronounced jenn-ROW as in cow, TEE-air) was once the famed captain of his own spaceship. But he grew giddy with his own power, abused his position and risked the lives of many men, all for the sake of imagined respect in the eyes of others. He was demoted - given a maintenance position out of pity -and was, for a while, a shamed and embittered servant of his new Captain.


Even this position proved too much for him when, fighting for the Captain Shaprio against a mutinous Major Stebbins, Tyier pretended to have been given orders from the captain and endangered himself and others, in a poorly-devised scheme to regain his past stature. Though things turned out all right for Shaprio in the end, Tyier was recognized to be mentally unstable and was taken off of the spaceships entirely, to live out his life serving meals at a cafeteria and attending sessions with a psychologist.


Jhenrau Tyier, sick with shame at his doubly-cursed past and wrought with an unacknowledged desire to bring fame to himself, somehow, once more, would probably have died without those feelings being brought to the surface again, if he had not one morning been inexplicably faced with a magic portal. Beyond it he saw the flashing lights and music of the Pen's first (possibly only) game show.


The rest is history...

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