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I hope you guys don't think I'm abusing mod powers or anything, but I'm starting to go through these descriptions and put the ~ thingys around titles and use common terms (like Physical Description instead of Appearance) so that the search function will actually work. Also, some of you have posted wonderful descriptions but all in one post, which makes it hard to search. I can't separate one post into many, so I'm asking that if yours is formatted that way, can you fix it? The hope is that someone looking for a specific item in a long description could use the piazza search page for, for example, "DeanTheAdequate" and "History" instead of having to find the page and then scan it for the information they remember being there. Thanks!




<Edit: the specific Search function/box for this subforum has been broken for a while, and disabled until it can be fixed. You can still find the characters by browsing the the pages (they're in alphabetical order) or using the main Forum Advanced Search function, using the filter for this subforum.Thanks!


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