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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
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Winter Festival!

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The Mighty Pen Winter Festival has arrived!


In the creaking of wagon wheels and the ruddy color of sunrise on newly-painted wood, the traveling troupe has arrived to bring us a celebration of the upcoming Winter solstice. The courtyard is filled to bursting with white-sided tents, brightly-colored lights and milling bodies, and in the cacaphony of laughter and excited voices, poets and storytellers, gamesmen and auctioneers shout to be heard.


Please come join us by browsing through the booths and picking your favorites to participate in. Earn geld that can be used later to buy goods (or people) >:}, and just plain have fun while you exercise those creative muscles.


Enter from the Cabaret Room and be sure to check out the directory of booths that's waiting for you just outside the door.






(on behalf of your Loremaster, GuildLeaders and Elders)

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