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  1. Spiders Soul

    More Random Creativity

    Well its not really a poem just a little snip lit thats cute, well I thought it was cute when I finished it. and I was not sure where to put it and this seemed the best place
  2. Spiders Soul

    Werewolf Vol.I: Back To Romania

    "'tis always the 'disbelievers' who have the blood upon their hands, now whose to say they are not real? People have been dragged from their homes in the night. how do explain that, sir?...other creatures would leave a trail of blood yet these creatures have braids they are smart how do you think they have eluded us for all this while? and the longer we ignore it the more murders there will be, and you could be next sir, so I suggest you curb your tounge and open your mind *Still while she spoke she would always keep that same level of calmness a smile upon her lips*
  3. Spiders Soul

    Werewolf Vol.I: Back To Romania

    *A young woman in the back slowly stood up adjusting the black bandages over blind eyes with her deep brown staff in one hand that looked like angry dogs chewed upon she cleared her throat and spoke in a soft tone, yet loud enough for all to hear:* "The tavern wench, is right, but I have to say... *Before she fully spoke her siteless gaze wandered over to Mira a smile came to her lips* "Good sir, tell me why you think this is instanity? we are trying to make this place safer for...all of us... you know the dead dont need farms... *She said in that cool tone of hers a matching smile upon lips the color of dried blood. she then took her seat to listen to the others*
  4. Spiders Soul

    Social Deviant

    Ah such cheery poems makes me all warm inside But really I do like them Especially the second one good stuff as always
  5. Spiders Soul


    Thank you thank you thank you!
  6. Spiders Soul

    More Random Creativity

    In a place of darkness, a dream of light lives the old order is trying to keep the curtains drawn, to keep out tomorrow, but a new day is dawning the future is rushing in. Will you be there to meet it?
  7. Spiders Soul

    Werewolf I: Old School (Signup!)

    Oh I hope I'm not too late... I would really like to join to it sounds fun
  8. Spiders Soul

    Random Nothingness

    Hehe okay sure lets go with that :wizzie:
  9. Spiders Soul

    Random Nothingness

    Ah...something even stranger........
  10. Spiders Soul

    Random Nothingness

    Hehe I should have just names this Spiders and Lokis talk about....strange eyeless/fingerless scary people
  11. Spiders Soul

    Random Nothingness

    Yes I saw that just an imprint of an ear coming from his/hers bright neon yellow muscle shirt... and another set on the side of his head... and no I did point but I did not snicker I would not want him to hear that...I hear they are wild when they are mad like animals *Nod nod*
  12. Spiders Soul

    Random Nothingness

    Oh yes quite Common just the other day I saw one walk by...
  13. Spiders Soul

    Random Creativity

    Why thank you. I guess I did not use something like dream because it is so common and you dont really dream up hope you need to make it to invent it you know? I dont think Dreams make things... I think they are the light or the key to make something as is hope.. and you cant unlock a key with a key if you know what I mean (I dont even know if I get what I mean )
  14. Spiders Soul

    Random Nothingness

    *Hands a Tissue*...There there...
  15. Spiders Soul

    Random Nothingness

    Perhaps but these work just as well