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  1. Hi again! I haven`t posted anything here for a long time and I thought that I might do that. When it comes to the poem though - what can I do, I`m a patriot:) I have to apologise for the primitivity of the poem though.....With this poem I also want to say happy birthday to my country:) I stand in the light of shooting stars and look at you, and look at you. My shining moon in the sky so dark, hear my song, it`s meant for you! When you are far away from me, I long for you, I long for you. Just to you I want to flee and sing my song to you. You make me happy when I`m sad - I think of you, I think of you. You make me better when I`m bad, please hear my song for you! I`d save you from whatever threat, I`d fight for you, I`d fight for you. Only friends are who I`d let to sing that song to you. So hear me singing with great love this song for you, this song for you, my little sweet Estonia - I`ll always be true to you!
  2. Krista


    Thanks for answering my little question:) It`s very good that there will be a forum called European Exotics. So smaller european languages (like mine) won`t be left in shade. I read the manor purposes in the cafe and all those forums are a very good idea:)
  3. Krista


    Why only big European languages? This is discrimination of smaller languages! For example Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian. I understand that there might not be many representatives of those countries here but I`m sure there are enough. Why is Russian more important than Estonian or Latvian? I`m sorry but I feel a bit discriminated here, it`s like my language didn`t excist at all.
  4. Krista

    Mini Saga

    Liina was watching down to Heinrich with sad look, thinking: “Why is he trying to deny it? He knows that I`m not evil. How could I be evil? I wasn`t let go through the Gate….I tried but I couldn`t because I belong here now…But I don`t want to…. There must be a way….”
  5. Krista

    Mini Saga

    He rushed out of the room without thinking of anything or anyone he had left behind. He tried to get rid of his thoughts that were circulating in his head. Only one voice was endlessly echoing in his brain - "I`m not evil....help me..." He grabbed his head and screamed desperately.
  6. Krista

    Mini Saga

    “What I need? You are asking me what I need.... I need...” Suddenly he saw Liina again – “Liina!” “Heinrich, help me... I am not evil.... “ Heinrich was confused, an awful chaos was taking over his heart and soul. “Remember our vows...” whispered Liina with fading voice.
  7. Krista

    Mini Saga

    Heinrich listened to Laranta carefully but suddenly it seemed to him that it was not Laranta`s shape in front of him any more. It was Liina`s. Her sad eyes were looking right through him. Heinrich closed his eyes and when he opened them, Liina was gone but not the guilt inside him...
  8. Krista

    Mini Saga

    "Those stupid books" thought Heinrich, "those stupid books forced me to kill Kissa... Why did I do it?? This cat was my very best friend...right after Liina. Why didn`t I stay with her like we promised to each other...." Heinrich was shaking and he could not concentrate any more.
  9. Krista

    Mini Saga

    Heinrich was standing, frozen, and could not move himself. He wanted to help Laranta but that cat.... He could not harm it. “Cats are not evil...It is not possible....” said Heinrich to himself. He remembered Kissa, his pet cat he had loved so much once. “Help me...” reached Laranta`s cries to his brain.
  10. Krista

    Mini Saga

    Laranta was flickering, she desperately tried to change back into herself but the shape of the cat was too powerful. Heinrich wanted to do something but he did not know how to help Laranta. Did she need any assistance at all? Heinrich was confused. Suddenly he could hear Laranta`s silent fading voice: “Help me.....”
  11. Krista

    Mini Saga

    So, I`ll try then:) As the shape became clearer, the look on Heinrich`s face became more and more terrified. He felt that he could not move himself any more. He just kept staring the shape in front of him as he realized that it was not Laranta. It was a giant cat.
  12. Krista

    The Welsh Spirit

    I had to write a poem for a contest at school...it had to praise wales. I`m actually quite far from being welsh but the poem won... The Welsh Spirit Over the hills and plains, over the woods and meadows, over the rivers and lakes the Ancient Spirits are flying, floating in the soft breeze that is carrying their transparent bodies farther.....closer....again and again.... They are watching their lands. They are dead but not gone... Byth*..... The meadows were greener when they were alive, the forests were mightier at that very time, the water was clearer in rivers and lakes - once again the old Welsh Spirit will wake! “My people, it is your land! Your undefeated bodies will not let them take it away! Your brave hearts will defend it forever! We will win! We will hold our culture, our freedom, our home! RYDDID**! RYDDID! RYDDID!!!” They were invincible yet their bodies were beaten. Their hearts were brave yet they were slaughtered. They were overthrown yet the Welsh Spirit lives forever. They will defend their souls that can never be taken away... Byth..... Soaked with blood, these places are empty now. Foreigners have stepped on the memories of the past, memories that are held by the Ancient Spirits who are present every hour, every minute, every second, who do not know Time, who are timeless. They are there, covering the bloody land with golden peace. Quiet.... Only soft breeze carrying the Welsh Spirit... Once again when time is right, the Ancient Mind will start to fight. Never giving up – then and only then the Welsh Spirit will rise again! *byth – never **ryddid - freedom
  13. Krista

    La Canción de una Gata

    So this is a translation of it: I`m a cat and I want to sleep I`m a cat and I want to bite I`m an evil cat - don`t touch me! that`s a direct translation.....
  14. That`s a stupid poem that came to my head in the spanish course:p I`m learning spanish for the first year so there are certainly numerous mistakes but eh whatever:p The poem is about my friend`s cat.... La canción de Sohvi Soy la gata y quiero dormir. Soy la gata y quiero mordir. Soy la gata muy malhumorada - nunca no me toca! Hehe:p
  15. Krista


    24.02.1918 “War. Brave men dying. Blood everywhere.... Screaming....crying....pain. Shot, slaughtered, murdered. Then the victory came! The great victory after centuries of occupation” The hall is quiet... Everybody is listening, calmly, with lonely tears in eyes. The tears of pride. “Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! LIBERTY!!! VABADUS!!!!” The silence seems almost sacred, As if in the holy groves worshipping the ancient gods. No christianity that has violated freedom, the true freedom in the estonian soul but it outlived the german god, it outlived the soviet atheism. Now it is free again - free to rise again. The hall is silent, History itself can be seen in people`s faces. The air is thick of patriotism. Holy silence taking over, taking over wars, foreigners, enemies to rule. The Estonian spirit is to rule now. Music is filling the hall. Magical northern sounds are floating in the room, reaching to every single person. Everybody is listening, listening to ancient spirits who talk through this music, who touch young people`s hearts. VABADUS! VABADUS! VABADUS! The snow is calmly falling outside.... Falling and falling and falling..... big snowflakes...cold snow behind the window. They are free as us. “But the time shall come in future When all splinters by both tips will Really flare up into fire, Flame of fire will bring freedom, Carve hand out of rocky prison - The the Kalev will come home and, Making happy all successors, Alter the Estonian eras.” said Father Kreutzwald and his prediction has come true… Kalev came...