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  1. Aging Comforts Tis morning Time to wake up Turning to feel The breath of life Tis day Time to do chores Trying to pass The minutes of life Tis evening Time to cook dinner Taking great care These small acts of life Tis night Time to snuggle in bed Telling each other in whispers Those loving moments of life
  2. Living Mindless work Breathless life But then Take time Or else Lose spirit Take heed Make time Failing which Lose life Use time Savour passion No excuses Live life
  3. Many thanks for the pointers .. I will try to improve. I am so used to writing short poems on any type of paper (including napkins) and stuffing all these papers into shoeboxes (I am a crazed shoe-shopper - thus the many shoeboxes) .. that I don't have time to re-think my poems. I did write for a friend who has great pictures and once I figured out how to attach those poems together with the pictures, I will post them too. Again, my appreciation for your kind words.
  4. New and old ... New horizon For shared lives to explore Old process For like minds to think New friends For same spirits to be Old words For kindred souls to share
  5. Home Within the strength of the walls Upholds the strong haven from all From the smells of the stove Stirs the warmth of two Over the sounds of the outside Bonds the souls inside Above all calls heard Holds the love lived
  6. Just wanting to know if I am acceptable by that poem?
  7. Haiku of Life Silence of the night Tears fall from Mother Nature Heard only by child Only a child would Hear such crying in the dark For the child is naive Wish grown-ups would be That innocent to hear of Such lovely silence Mother Nature is Just crying for the loss of Purity of man Just to live and love Leaving all else behind him Hatred and darkness When a child becomes An adult in ways and means He loses than gains So in all manners Keep the child-likeness within As the tale goes on A child within man Finds love in living fully Joy within his reach I want to have that Child within my heart and soul To live and love life
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