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Poetic Evolution

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I'm not sure if I'm going to make this a contest or not, but I think it's high-time we did something spiffy like this. I was sitting there thinking about what kind of stuff we could do, and I came up with a great idea.


I'll specify five-ten topics, just simple sentences, and whoever turns the simple topic into a great poem wins...something...I'll decide later ^_^;; or maybe a poem dedicated to them or something spiffyness. Or a sig, I'll make sigs ^_^


Anyway, don't think of it as a contest, more of a challenge.


okay, for instance, don't just repeat the topic sentence, play with it, mess with it.


1. A silver maiden in a golden field.


2. The churchbell tolled thirteen.


3. You run your fingers across a scratched in '82 in a desk


4. The frog jumped into the puddle.


5. The sun burns azure in the sky


6. The perfect sunset.


7. A crow caws at the end of day


8. An earthquake rips through a small village.


9. You enter the abandoned house


10. A single citadel on top of a hill.


Maximum of two entries per person, please. I'd like to keep it simple. Anyway, pick a topic, write a poem, and have fun ^_^


Okay, I'm done, I'll be posting my example soon.

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Well I'm glad everyone likes it thus far, here's my example poem. I'd like to remind everyone that I am ~not~ going to enter as a contestant, 'cause it'd be unfair.


Anyway...on to '86'


Run my hand over scratchy forms

History in a curve and a line

Once somebody long ago took knife

And left part of himself behind

Crystal memories transcieve time

And provide the base to which we build

Respect the past with letters of gold

As I touch the faded scars of old


That's a poem along the lines of topic #3, so you get the general idea.

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Quick contest entry... -Peredhil


A slender maiden in field of gold

Cast silver eyes on knights so bold

She sent them on Love’s Own True Quest

And said she’d marry Knight who did best.


Impoverished knight traveled through the realm

Smelled Death’s debris through his helm

Earthshake had nearly leveled a town

He paused in quest to search around.


He searched the square, he searched each house.

Disturbed beetles on bodies, in field was mouse.

Carrion crows called in the end of day

When he finally found mad child at play.


He pined for vision of the silver maiden fair

But for chance met waif he stayed to care

He worked to bury all those she had known

And committed his honour to see her grown.


There came word of knights who overcame pain

There were those whose deeds listed monsters slain

But the noblest knight ranked in my heart

Is he who stayed and did his part.


Through many long years his patient love

While twinkling stars marked years above

He brought back sanity to eyes of blue

I am that child – this story is true.


And now my abode is the hilltop crown

Our castle overlooks abandoned town.

My Knightly stranger has gone to ground

I wonder where love can be found?


A blue-eyed maid in castle spire

Wearing rich embroidered attire

I seek a gentle knight with heart so mild

He’d give his life to raise a child.

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Ah, the sacrifice of a life for another out of love, not necessity. I thought this idea was almost extinct outside my own mind, thanks for proving me wrong Peredhil!

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(Dedicated to Oogally Daboogallywoogally. To the tune of "The Addams Family":)


There's lotsa cootiefroggies,

They're jumping through the boggies,

Their poison skins are soggy,

The froggyloks invade!


Da da da dum splish splash

Da da da dum splish splash

Da da da dum, da da da dum, da da da dum . . .


But all did not go wellie--

With sword an' spell an' skellie,

An' most of all their smellie--

They met the troll brigade!


Da da da dum splish splash

Da da da dum splish splash

Da da da dum, da da da dum, da da da dum . . .


With wooden pin for clotheses

They tried to block their noses,

But those fell, an' they chose, yes,

For stink with steel repay. . .


Da da da dum splish splash

Da da da dum splish splash

Da da da dum, da da da dum, da da da dum . . . (trollie fart noise)


Posted Image

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A silver maiden in a golden field.


So delicate and frail

young Maiden

you steal the hearts of men

Why do you weep?

In your field as gold as you hair

The wind dances in tendrils so fair


You should be happy young Maiden

Many men love you..

Please dont cry

It would break the hearts of many

To see one so fair weep

But time is short for you.


They will come..

And all will be lost

it is why you weep

is it not?

So I will see you with the gods.

Fair Maiden


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Silence broken by the first

Dust drifted on wind's caress


Second dried her tears

hope bled as from a wound


Third cracked her heart

sagged slowly to the floor


Fourth crushed her bones

such was the weight of it's portent


The fifth swept her remains away

a moment's purity


The sixth poured darkness from below

fear ran before the shadows


The seventh opened the seas

flesh dried in hurricane's grasp


The eighth closed the waves

buried the corpses in cold embrace


Ninth toll chilled the air

doom roamed unfettered


Tenth toll shook the mountains

till ocean swallowed rock


Eleventh tolling rained fire

scorched earth, lifeless


Twelfth brought stars light to an end

heavens tumbled slowly


The churchbell tolled thirteen

time ceased...

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The sun burns azure in the sky.


Moves down, then slows.... and stops.


azure sun? or azure sky?


It moves again, world around getting darker.


sunset caused, clouds are pink, that's expected.



But what isn't, is all the names.


pink, red, crimson, cerise, maroon


orange, rose, peach, gold, ginger






Where did the Cerulean go?


replaced by midnight.



We're all done here.


Lets move on to the next story.


If there is one. First the idea has to come


Hit someone with that spark.


It's too late today, come back tomorrow


When the sun is azure again.



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I sit here stuck in memories,

The tears running from my eyes,

The waves hitting me as hard as they can,

The pain ever so goddamn crushing,

Not giving up its all so unrelenting

Looking up to the sky for a release,

All this pain buildig up,

Needing some way to vent,

Looking up to the sunset with many fears,

Day turning to night,

Bringing the nightmares again

Rushing over the edge,

this is the end,

Falling down; Deeper; Even farther,

But it is no differnt from yesterday

Just another day, just another sunset...

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Along the muddy water bank


Crimson water stains the shore.

Remembering the massacre,

On March the third of '54,

While angrily I curse the war.


Condemned in mourning for my men.

All who fought well for vict'ry prime.

With tearful eye the bells do chime.

Somehow I wish they had more time.


All these years they haunt my mind.

Tombed in a field, all left behind.


Too many suffered through that pain,

Hallmarks in knighthood they did untite,

Enticing their foes who were insane.


Embarking a path for an era of sight

No longer hindered by chains of ill reign,

Determined for freedom they charged with all might.


Offered compromise by our enemy, we slowly retreated.

From cunning deception, we then were defeated.


They killed us in great numbers, those goblins cruel,

Hopeful and dauntless, we stay on our course.

Eternally damned, we died in the last duel.


Drops of rain plummited upon rock-bedded shore.

And a cry from a crow, brings the memory fresh.

Yearning to keep me lost in the massacre of '54.

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And there's the winner, right there! (IMHO)


Fantastic creative twist on the 'guidelines' given... lateral thinking of the most excellent order!



Well done, Zariah!


*Psimon bows his head to the creative wonder that is.. Zariah. :D






Ummmmmm....... By my enthusiastic outburst above I didn't mean to stop others from having a go at this ... Far be it from me - the responsibility of 'declaring' the rightful 'winner'. I am not in the least worthy of such a task.


Keep posting people! (please... pretty please... aw, come on now... please....................) :unsure::blush:

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