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Deadly Nightshade


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Something is there

I..I feel it.

But what it is

I cannot tell


Reach out a trembling hand

But I pull away quickly

It burns...


What was that


No..no It cant be

Please God say everything is all right


A roar...

Slipping away..

All is growing dark

Must free my self I must


Warm and sticky all about me

I am out of bed now

How the smoke stings my eyes

I stumble to the floor


Shattering all about me


What could it be

I stare up only to see a large beast hovering over me


It lifts me gingerly

Holds me close..

I rember no more


White lights now burden my eyes

Am I dead?

Perhaps...but in death you feel no pain

Everywhere it burns


I gasp for breath

All about my family weeps

But there is one man

Who is he..


They all rush over

I am alive..

My mother points

and speaks softly


"This is the man who saved you"

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I know this is about a fire, but did this realy happen to you?


Oh ya, by the way, good job.

Edited by Archaneus

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