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Buh'Bye . . . And thanks for all the heartache

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O.K., this is another one of those I'm not sure I actually came up with or if I saw it, or something like it, and believe it's my own. Either way, I think it should have been written by SOMEONE by now!



God left the other day.

Just packed his bags and went away.

There was no screaming,

Not one shout.

He said his peace and then,

"I'm out!"


We asked,

"Hey, God, why must you go!?"

He sighed, hung his head and said,

"If you must know . . .


I thought, by now, I could move on.

You'd take your place and carry on.

Tell me,

Doesn't anyone find it . . . odd,

That not one of you has become a god?


You're made in my image.

You're just like me!

Yet, you refuse to become

What you ALL should be.


I gave you free-will.

And the knowledge of Dark and Light.

Still, you whine and beg,

'Please tell us wrong from right!'


You pray for guidance on what to do.


You want everything handed to you!

Then, you sin and look for someone to blame.

You do even worse and claim it in my name.


I'm tired and weary, but I know it's my own fault.

I thought My creation

Would grow to an adult.


But, it seems, that all I did

Was create a child,


An eternal kid.


So, consider my leaving . . .

Tough love.

One last gift, from your 'Daddy',

High above.


So, get your act together and figure it out.

I will ALWAYS love you.

But, I'm done.


That's it.


I'm out!"

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this is how i feel about how the Gods have responded to so many of the fools who are hypocritical in their faith. if people took more responsibility for their actions God may not have had to do the 'tough love' thing.

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