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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
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Tulay Takekaze

a description of self

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(OOC: i hope this is the right forum..... anyone that remembers me knows i am notorious about getting it wrong. if its wrong please let me know and i will re-post in the right place!)


by way of introduction into the heart of me allow me to offer this verse:
here i am, oddly broken and whole
built for life yet missing on most
when calls the Spirits of old
their calls i must head
for my duties beyond the Veil i may not deny
my soul is tantalizing mix
of poet, philosopher, and animal
with all the right portions proper for the Nose
all these mixed cause a unique blending
of Dominance, and Submission
i accept the label of switch with pride
while at my heart i know my Fur peers out
to stalk and hunt quietly, with grace leased from the soul of the Cat within.

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