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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Crazy ?

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They say that I'm crazy

I say they don't know

how to open the door

to the Places I go.


I befriended a monster

from under my bed,

Made peace with the voices

inside of my head,


Smoked with the Catapeler,

Had Tea with the Toad,

And danced atop mushrooms

beside the Yellow Brick Road


Ran from a Jabberwock

to an upsidedown tree,

Then swam in a fishbowl

as big as the Sea.


Took a nap with a dormouse

Played crocket with the Queen

Then followed a rabbit

down a Hole never seen


Had lunch with a walrus

talked of shoes, ships, and Kings

Then flew away on a pig

with extra large wings


Sang in a choir made

up of white mice

who gave me a bag of

burning hot ice


My Friends are Amazing

Unique as can be

And I don't care if no one

can see them but Me.


'Cause I'll grin like a Cheshire

As I fade from their sight

Their jaws hanging down

As I'm proven right.



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Thank you.


I think it's sometimes called




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