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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
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It always began with her perfume. That sweet fragrance, wafting in on a gentle breeze. Just the slightest hint at first, tickling my senses, gradually getting stronger, until I could almost feel it caressing my face, as if she were pulling herself closer. I could already hear the faint tapping of her heels against the floorboards as she came closer, but it was her perfume that got to me first.

I could hear her now. She hummed a melody that I had heard so many times, yet could never remember. Her scent almost overpowering and the soft tones of her voice in my ears, I quickly forgot the countless problems in my life. She could do that to me. Make me forget everything but her. She was calling for me. I heard my name floating from her lips and I smiled. She would be with me soon.

The tapping echoed through the room. She was all around me, humming softly, her perfume overpowering. I heard her laugh, a soft giggle, then she whispered my name again. I reached out to the sound of her voice, but she shied away, Still singing, humming and laughing softly. The distant sounds of traffic and people and the city thrumming with life faded into nothingness as her voice became all I could hear.

I felt the bed give way as she came closer. I could hear her skin against the silken sheets, could feel them pull away from me as she came closer. Her smile, I could feel it. It filled me with such warmth. I could lose myself forever in that smile. She came close, whispering my name to me, sending tingles across my scalp and down my spine.

I could feel her so close, but could not touch her. I raised my hands, she shifted away. I reached out, she slid from me, only returning when my hands were at my sides again. I could never resist her and she knew it. She knew how to toy with me.

A tingle ran up my arm. Her fingertips gliding up and down, brushing over my skin lightly, as delicate as a feather. My legs as well, I could feel her everywhere, teasing my senses, sending little electric shivers throughout my body. I could feel her warmth as she lay close to me.

Her lips so close to my ear, I could feel her breath. So close to me now. Her lips brushes against me. She kissed me, so lightly, then withdrew.

Her arm over my chest, her nails tracing patterns down my chest. I shivered and arched as her fingers danced across my skin. Her breath against my neck now as she bit me softly, her teeth scraping against my skin.

I could feel the room slip away, until there was nothing left but the two of us, alone together in space and time.

She held me close, her fingers dancing through my hair. She whispered my name again and said that she loved me. That she would always be with me.

Time lost all meaning. An eternity of eternities alone with the woman of my dreams. I told her I loved her, that I'd always keep her safe.

Her lips against mine, tongue teasing my own, as she broke away. Smiling down at me as she floated away, her fingers caressing my cheek the last I felt her. I heard her voice, fading, still whispering to me as she left.

Her perfume lingered, but she was gone. I breathed deep, trying to hold onto the memory of her, a losing battle as her scent faded.

Then she was gone.

I was alone again. Alone in that room. The neon glow of the city was already streaming back into my consciousness. I could hear them all again. The sound of traffic. The voices of a thousand others. The constant pulse of city life that I could only escape with her.

I knew I couldn't keep doing this. I knew I shouldn't see her. I knew she was killing me. But I couldn't resist. Just one more evening with her. Just once, just to say goodbye.

I reached over to the drawer by the bed. A slight pinprick as the draw took my DNA. Satisfied, a click followed and it popped out.

Inside, a syringe full of purple liquid. The syringe tapered to a fine point. I held it up to the dim light of the room. Even with my poor eyesight, I could just make out the crude handwriting down the side.

Madalina. Her name is Madalina.

I jabbed the syringe into the corner of my eye and felt it go to work immediately. I could feel the nanomechanical needle now, sliding past my eyeball, into my skull. Once, this sensation had filled me with dread. Now, only eagerness.

I knew how the process worked. I knew that needle would follow my optic nerve, into my brain. I knew that tiny machines would deliver nanocapsules of chemicals directly to the neurons controlling my senses, my memory, emotion centre, even to the neurons which housed my very consciousness. The chemicals would fill my neurons with new information. They would fool me into believing a new reality.

A reality with her.

I let the syringe fall to the floor as I lay back and closed my eyes.

As I heard it clatter on the floor, it began. It always began with her perfume...

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Weird creepy



I like it

And am sort of creeper out by it

At the same time


If that was the effect you were going for

Well done. You nailed it.

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