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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
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~ part dutch, translation below, but it doesn't scan as well for some reason ~



You lose yourself

I lose myself in you


Het is het hele eenzijdige

alleen bij jou


no chance to be fully me

no chance to be fully you




You lose your self

I define my self through you


This is not the way forward



27/11/2014, wageningen




translated bit:


It's the whole onesidedness

only at yours



~ as I look at it, it's a work in progress.. tell me what you see and I'll try to tell you what I want ^_^ ~

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oh dear, if that resonates then either my poem is wrong or something with you two, and I sincerely hope for the first then :P


also, yay hugs! *huggles back ^_^ *


Could you explain what resonates? Then I might find what I at least 'don't' want to express and how to change it to what it does mean for me.

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Ah then I didn't screw up ^_^ The whole point was that losing yourself is not always a good thing. But I'm glad you two do think so :D


No sorry needed! *huggles again* perfectly capable at asking what you meant ;)

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