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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

True Pain

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The worst thing was the fact that it had been his idea.


Elrohir had been the one who'd come across them; cinematic retellings of the books that had been written about the Ring. They'd received quite the buzz in the realm they'd come from, apparently, and were lauded by the majority of the population.


Peredhil had always been fond of the books, however mistaken the author might have been over some points. Mynx had even gone so far as to source an anniversary edition of the tale after she discovered how worn his copies were. It was a beautiful thing; gilded edges, hand-drawn maps, a hardback binding that should protect the book for a few decades at least. It wasn't exactly difficult to make her husband smile with a gift, but the way he'd cuddled the book to his chest and likely slept with it when she wasn't around told her she'd done particularly well with this one.


Why wouldn't he like to watch the movies of such a beloved, if bittersweet, tale? Technology had come so far in this particular realm that nearly anything could be created for the viewer, and the books were nothing if not descriptive of the surroundings. Elrohir had even brought a few pictures with him of the country where they'd done most of the filming, and it was enough to make Peredhil decide that this is where he'd take Mynx on their next Honeymoon (he didn't believe in just one).


What harm could there be in it?


For her part, Mynx had never even heard of movies, but after having the concept explained to her was willing enough, and so Peredhil had Elrohir make the arrangements. Money was no issue, and so Elrohir went all out: booking a high class theatre usually reserved for exclusive premiers, sourced the extended editions of the films, ensured they were of the highest quality available...


Elladan had agreed out of morbid curiosity, and Guido and Nuncio went where the Boss did, so it truly was a family affair as the six of them traveled to the realm. A family affair that would take the entire day, Mynx soon realised after Elrohir had informed her of each movie's length. But then he'd introduced her to popcorn, effectively distracting her as she spent half the time picking kernels out of her teeth.


Mynx hadn't read the books herself - she'd tried once, but had gotten rather bored by the author's style. He'd describe everything, and she was sure she didn't need to know about how beautiful the sunrise was when there were more important things happening. The movies seems alright though, she decided fairly early in. They had better pacing at least, and - she'd snickered at this - pointy-eared Elves.


Peredhil didn't make a sound until the Elves showed up, and Mynx was puzzling over why the one in charge seemed so grumpy when her husband made a small, offended sound.


"What is it?" She whispered to him. "Someone you know?"


His only response was mumbled under his breath, and it wasn't until Mynx heard the character addressed by name that she understood. Elrond. Elrond Peredhil. Unable to help herself, she'd started to giggle helplessly.


That was just the start of it. The further into the story they went, the more wordless protests were uttered by Peredhil - occasionally derisive, often pained, and a few downright outraged. Somewhere through the second movie, though, Mynx could only assume that the story had really begun to deviate from the true plot, because Peredhil's jaw had clenched and his eyes had darkened to a hue that was close to mimicking Elladan.


By the end of the second movie, he was clutching his book - the book, the one Mynx had given him - and positively grinding his teeth. Elrohir had been hesitant about starting up the third movie, but Peredhil had waved him on. It had been his idea, darn it. He'd see it through. No matter how painful.


When the last movie had ended and the lights had come back on, his sons had both made hasty excuses about going to see about dinner for them all and disappeared, while Guido and Nuncio had mumbled something about checking that the room was still secure, leaving Mynx and Peredhil alone together.


"Well..." Mynx began. "That was... interesting."


Peredhil exhaled heavily through his nose, grip so tight on his book now that he was close to cracking the binding. "They... changed it."


"Well, the books are pretty long," Mynx tried to reason. "I can see why they'd want to cut some of those songs and things out..."


"No, not that. They- ugh!" Peredhil shook his head angrily, his eyes still stormy. "It's like they didn't even read the story!"


"It was kind of long..." Mynx mumbled, giving her husband a sheepish grin when he turned a pained look on her. "So... were you really that grumpy back in the day?"




Yet again, Mynx couldn't help herself. She started to giggle, then laugh hysterically. It was just too funny, imagining her husband as the ill-tempered actor who'd portrayed him, stomping around and lecturing everyone in sight. She laughed until she couldn't breathe, until even Peredhil was forced to smile a little, and then chuckle himself - however reluctantly.


By the time the boys had returned, it was to find their father's eyes were no longer black and his expression was more patient over his wife's hysterics rather than angry. He was even trying to explain some of his complaints over her attempts to laugh and breathe, not that it did much good.


Next time, he decided, they'd pick something he didn't love quite so much.

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