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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

For Zool

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"Okay, okay, I'm coming - quit tugging, Wolf!" Mynx almost tripped over her own tail as Tanny continued to use it to drag the feline after her. "How many times do I have to tell you that it's not a chew toy?"


“I’m not chewing you, Kitty… not yet.” Tanny grinned, giving a last tug on the tail in her hand to make a point. “Can always Shift, if you prefer.” Giggling when Mynx rolled her eyes and muttered something or other, Tanny stopped at the wall opposite where they had been sitting, just across the entrance to the room. “Zool’s birthday,” she said as an explanation. “Ideas?”


Focusing with an ease born of the practice she’d got in her time away from the Keep, Tanny found and Wove a few Air and Water threads, creating strings of glinting, pearly droplets that she used to decorate the wall.


“It’s just not a birthday without balloons. Or a close approximation, at least.” Grinning, Mynx flexed her paws and began to conjure some brightly coloured, glowing orbs, which she set to hover around Tanny’s strings. “What are we going to do for a cake?”


“Red Velvet,” Tanny decided after a moment. “Do you get it, or do I bake one?” She looked towards the kitchens. “The preservation spells held, so all ingredients should be there.” While mentally reviewing the recipe in her mind, she flicked her fingers in what seemed to be a random pattern. Over and around some of Mynx’s orbs, flickers of fire - contained within what looked like soap bubbles - started dancing in random patterns.


“Baking takes too long,” Mynx said. “Give me a minute.” Winking at her friend, she set off out of the room at a quick trot. The feline was gone for all of ten minutes before she returned with a lavishly decorated cake, some sort of greeting written on it in an unintelligible language.


“What does that even say?” Tanny asked.


“No clue,” Mynx admitted. “Hopefully, Happy Birthday?”


“... Right. Let’s hope Zool is not versed in that language...” Taking the cake from her friend’s paws, Tanny set it on the table - already covered with a brilliant green tablecloth, plates, and drinks and snacks that she had recovered from the pantry. “Are we missing anything?”


“The guest of honour?” Mynx suggested.


“Yes! Get me a banner, Kitty?”


Rolling her eyes again, Mynx nevertheless began to rummage in her shadows until she pulled out a large banner. Working together, the two friends set it up over the table where it read:




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Thanks guys. :)


I'd love to RP a reply, but unfortunately my head just isn't in that space right now - yes, partly because of birthday activities, but also a lot has been going on in my life lately that I just have to attend to. *Sigh* Unfortunately, it's the same old story of the Pen summertime blues. :(


...but thanks again!

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