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On The (Lack Of) Formatting Of Old Posts

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In the history of the site, we've gone through a couple of server and forum software migrations, and also software updates. Unfortunately, in some of them the formatting of some old posts were lost (mostly, line breaks). The affected posts seem, at a first look, to be random - although concentrated on certain periods of time.


The issue is more serious in the Banquet Room, since formatting is an integral part of the poems. But even for Stories and Role-Play, it might render a given piece very hard to read due to the absence of paragraphs.


While we are aware of the problem, there's not much that can be done, since up to this moment the Tinkerers of the site didn't find a way to fix the issue automatically. So, please - if you find any work of yours which has lost its formatting, we invite you to try and format it again if you can find the time and opportunity. We understand completely, though, if Real Life interferes in your ability to do so!


Thanks for your understanding!

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