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So You Can Rhyme?

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According to http://rhymezone.com/r/rhyme.cgi?Word=future&typeofrhyme=perfect&org1=syl&org2=l&org3=y


The below words almost rhyme...so here's a challenge, write a poem including as many as you can fit in.


blooper, booster, cooler, cooper, cougar, cuter, fewer, futures, hoosier, huger, humor, junior, looser, looter, loser, luther, mover, neuter, newer, pewter, rooster, ruler, rumor, sewer, shooter, smoother, sooner, soother, suiter, suitor, super, sutured, sutures, trooper, tumor, tutor, user, abuser, computer, producer

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To clarify, you can interpret the above post as you wish...you can among other things talk about sewer humour on a computer, posted by a trooper who is an abuser of smoother super cuter producers...

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This is a first try, mostly to get the hang of it... it almost makes sense :P


Fewer futures for a junior rooster -
rumor came, sooner than smoother;
a trooper, a tutor, a producer
- all with humor to fit a suitor -
smiled at the Ruler - sewer cougar
(sutured smile, jewels of pewter)
mover of worlds, super-user
(and abuser).
Born as a looter, grown as a tumor
- his destiny was to be the mover;
redo the sutures, stop the looter
create the peace, name the shooter.

Fewer futures for a junior rooster...
stay too low - no future for the neuter
climb too high - become the loser.

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Take two :P



Of future, he was the ruler
of past things, mover
in the present, just a user
but in no event, a loser.
Maybe in the past a looter,
or maybe someone's trooper
leaving later, rather than sooner
- of time a skilled user.
Once a shooter,
hunter of pewter,
his mood was looser
his smile, cooler;
but now, his fame huger
his skills certainly newer,
all he wished was to be neuter.
Live a life that could be smoother,
making of Time a respected tutor
- the past, only a tumor
and seeing ahead with humor.

Of the future, now a suitor
but at this time, only a junior.

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Junior always was a loser,

Nothing like his brother, Luther

Or his mother, who was a cougar

Though of the three, he was the cuter


Still, the young lad was a trooper

Persevering as a suitor

Tutor, Super, even Ruler

Producer but never looter


Eventually he heard a rumor

Triggering possible futures

So Junior took up arms with Cooper

And decided to become a Rooster


OOC: Not even going to try to compete with Tanny's record :P

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