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Brighid of Byrness

I'm Feeling This Now -- A Sonnet

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Was just listening to some music http://patrickdurham.net/themightypen/index.php?/topic/17236-what-music-are-you-currently-listening-to/?p=133797 and the idea to write a sonnet popped into my end-of-the-workday-fried brain. So, what the heck...here are my thoughts in the format of a Shakespearean sonnet :


I have stepped outside of expectation

I have stopped yearning for what is the past

It isn’t some brand new rEVOLution

But I am sure it is one that will last.


There’s no longer a need for forgiveness

There is no longer a need to compare

They’re replaced with a loving awareness

There’s a web-work of oneness we all share.


So please take away your anger and fear

Please stop assuming the future is doomed

Embrace the joyful now and hold it dear

And before long you will find Love has bloomed.


Then you will see you are Creation’s eyes

And set yourself free from temporal ties.

Edited by Brighid of Byrness

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