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Landing in the unknown

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Landing in the unknown

another chapter of your life

unsure, mixed in feeling

yet ready to explore with delight


As pages have turned,

I have observed and learned

potential awakened

yet nothing set firm


I long for that chapter

where you enter and know,

what you are doing in this book

about to flow


You remember how easy

each creation you found,

a potential in waiting

for something not bound


Not bound by a drifter

who drifts in and out,

but settled and richer,

in much more

than just a bout


You long to immerse

into something worthwhile,

something so deep

flowing and wild


As I turn to myself

in this space looking back,

I have seen my potential

step by step in fact


To stay a while

in a much richer way,

I long for the writer

in me to say


I can pick up past potential,

I can use it all at a whim,

I can create from heart

I can create anything


Many suffer writers blocks,

but in this moment

I feel,

awakened and sad,

for some reason

unknown to this deal


This contract called life

where you lose your immersion of the deep,

I long as a writer to find it and keep


Keep it all in me, not a whim or faze,

A knowing deep down

that I can deepen and stay


Stay immersed and complete

something more than a clue,

a mirror or reflection

It's so long overdue...

Edited by Alethia

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Welcome to The Pen, Alethia!


I'm relatively new myself :)


This is just a drive-by pop in; I'll be back to read your poem again more carefully. You've created a few points that I can connect to emotionally.

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