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The Work

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Oh the work is heavy and load is hard

and there's a thing about effort for a just reward,

and they say that if you love it then it isn't that hard,

but they lied


You put in your effort and you say your say

and you're spitting wind at the end of the day

and the work begins to splinter, the patience to fray

but you do it.


And somehow it's finished, somehow it's done

yet it feels like the effort has only begun

and your share of the load was by someone

who might not be you


It's never as you wanted and it's never as you've seen

and they say there's something there about a dream

but oh the work is light when you love what you do...

but they lied.

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Oh, I love this. It feels so much like me, right now! :superblue::hair: We all lie to ourselves about how we want to do things we really don't, so they'll get done...but that doesn't mean we don't KNOW we're boing lied to. Or make us happy about it.

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