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Epic Llamas

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I tried to write a ballad while measuring steel at work today. Here is my creation!



Epic Llamas


Oh, I know how the Dinos died,

With Laser Eyes, they all were fried.

The Conquerors, the Llama kind,

Secured the world for all of time.

Way long ago and far away,

The Dinos held the earth in sway.

With giant claws and toothy grins,

The world did fear those dragon kin.

When from above a light did rise,

The Llamas came from o'er the skies.

This world they saw t'was a fine place,

'Cept for the reptile ruling race.

A war began through out the lands

To rid the world from dino bands.

With laser eyes and flying ships,

The llamas came with swoops and dips.

The T-Rex with its giant maw,

The Deinonychus with its claw,

They tried to catch the llamas fast,

But failed and were blasted to ash.

A menace then was new awoke,

Velociraptors to them spoke,

“Oh let us loose upon the scene,

We'll gobble up intruders mean!”

The raptors rode on hover-boards,

while swinging beams of lightning swords.

With po'er they pushed the llamas back,

And cornered them for to attack.

'Ganst raptor swords, they almost lost,

And needed then to call their boss.

On high they pleaded for their case,

A stone to send through empty space.

A meteor, we call it now

That fell upon the dinos brow.

To knock them from their mighty thrones

And of them now are only bones.

So gather mammals, all about,

For llamas they do hold great clout,

And celebrate for they did free

Us from the Dino Tyranny!!

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