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The Dragon in the Woods

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Dragon in the Woods


Mommy Come, Mommy See!

I found a dragon in the woods!

Was walking in the shadows where you told me not to go,

and found a pile of stones shaped kinda like a nose!

I climbed on top a tree stump for to better see

And saw it's flaming eyes gazing back at me!

Its grassy mane was tossed upon a passing breeze

and when it looked I wondered what part of me it sees.

Weathered rock made up its skin and ancient scales,

yet never would I say that this old thing was frail!

'Hullo!' said I, curtsying and trying to be polite.

It moved not a muscle, but fixed me in its sight.

I said I'd best be leaving because you'd miss me soon,

Despite the sun still in the sky and the birds singing their tune.

I left it there in shadows, hidden by flower and fern,

But I'm sure it's just waiting for me to return!

So Mommy Come! Mommy See!

The dragon in the woods!


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Wow. Just . . . WOW! I WANT to say more, but fear I would fail miserably in ANY attempt to express my TRUE delight in this. THANK YOU!

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This is a wonderful poem with an ancient, child-like propensity to prose. It is both whimsical, yet totally serious (much like a child's desire to share something with a parent).

Delicious sense of fun. MAWR!


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