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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
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Lone Shadow


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Is that what this is? A confession

Of crimes against the soul?


I may have loved you once. You’d

Never believe it though.


When did love stop? Or was it

Just a pack of lies?


And you still say, “We can make it

Work, if you’ll just try.”


But I’m guilty of this crime. Committed

The ultimate sin.


I’ve crushed your spirit. Taken all

You could give.


I couldn’t maintain it. The effort

Finally consumed me.


So I open the locks. Rattle the cage

And set you free.


You haven’t left yet. Why?

I’ll never understand.


Force you out? No, perhaps

A helping hand.


Maybe I should leave? Easier

For us that way.

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Interesting. I think many of us have felt that way. There's a subtle arrogance in this - that all the control and decisions must be made by the writer. No wonder the other can't leave, if they've never been empowered to be equal?

Giving up is always easiest...

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Why be unhappy. Part ways if you can. Staying together for the...blank. Isn't always fun for the blank. Move on, find your thing, whatever it is, and be at peace (it could take while, keep searching). I wrote this other day on face book, might help:


Everything seems to try to convince that "I am better than...". We're not. I'm not. Though our society pits us against each other; make peace with yourself. Find your thing, whatever that is. If don't have one, do everything -- do, until you find how to be. The people you hate, loath, get outrage at, wish to be apart are people in pain the same as you. Struggling always... Find your calm, and the world will change around you. Spread peace.

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