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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Harmony Aethenias Echoe

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Hi. I'm Harmony. Of course this isn't really me talking--it never is. I'll get to why later.

I was born Harmony Aethenios Echoe, which means "Neverending echo (of the beautiful, musically harmonious variety)". Not "neverending beautiful music", because I was never meant to be the real thing--only a mirror image OF the real thing. It's long, I know, and rather confusing, but considering my life, it's been appropriate.

When I was 4 years old, my parents foolishly attempted to administer a spell which would bring our 'earth' and the earth of the Fae (elvish tribes) back together again--they have been drifting apart for thousands of years and the reason is too confusing to write just now, but the end result was that the twain refused to re-meet, and my parants were split & swallowed by the enraged Void (yes, the Void can be enraged).


I, being only a child at the time, caught a glimpse of the terrible Rift between worlds during the the spell, and suffered a Soul Splitting. In said soul-splitting,the terrible Voices of Chaos possessed and became my new self, riving self from self. However, they were unable to rive my body, thanks to my 1/16 percent Elvish blood.

I possesed the Voices also, and became an Unharmonic Harmony, a union of un-unitable forces. I am the bridge between worlds which my parents had originally intended to create, however unintentionally inflicted upon me.

Physically, I am 17 years of age. I have hair the color of sunbeams reflected from gold dust, a sort of muted yellowy shimmer. My eyes are big brown eyes which properly belong on a lovely Jersey Cow. I stand approximately 4 feet 3 inches tall, and wear clothing most commonly sold for the 8 to 11-year-old humans. It can be embarrassing, especially when other people mistake my age to BE 8 to 11. Even though I am mostly human by blood, I don't consider myself human, because of the fact that the Rift has burned most of the humanity off me (it made my Elven DNA dominant, thus my features are dominantly Elvish).


Being so small in stature would have made me an object of ridicule in my life, if it weren't for my aura. My aura is so close in form to the aura of the Rift, (utter chaos with a touch of purest misery), that I tend to terrify everything and everyone who comes within sight of me. So, in school, or in social circles in general, I tend to simply float through without a single friend or enemy, merely a terror avoided by all--rather like a Basilisk, or perhaps a young Medusa...since no one (no human anyway) has yet dared to look directly at me. Being friendless has caused me to become much more aware of my inner self/not self, and eventually I became able to differentiate my different 'selfs'.

To explain: my inner 'self' is Muse, who speaks & acts on her own will, experience, and knowledge. She (I) is not bound by the constraints of my body, but like a poltergeist is free to act however she pleases, slip through walls, become visible or invisible, create strange illusions, etc. My physical body, that which the world sees as Harmony, is merely a host for the Nine. Because of the relationship between the Rift, the Nine, and present humanity (humanity's version of the cosmos), Muse is unable to possess her/my own body for more than a very breif period of time, and is always affected by the mood swings of the collective Nine. Since Muse has an ephemeral form, she/I can only cast an illusion of her own physical form. Muse is the embodiment of what human creativity & empathy (or perhaps, soul?) I have, in spirit-form, and enabled to live this way through the mix of human blood & elvish blood, which flows in Harmony's unfeeling veins. The physical Harmony, body & mind, is used & sustained by the workings of the Nine who dwell within, and whenever Harmony opens her physical mouth, it is one or more of the Nine who speaks. Thus her voice, character and words change according to the character of whichever Voice is currently speaking.


I am the Voice known as Claire, or the Feminine Voice of Chaste Knowledge. I write in and for the eternal partnership of the Nine. The other voices are as follows; my partner, Dane, Male Voice of Chaste Knowledge. Bernard and Dolly, Male & Female Voices of Simplicity (they would say 'innocence', but I disagree). Then Kyyl and Kyaa, Male & Female Voices of Impure Knowledge (they prefer the simpler term "Voices of Evil"). Then Susan and Gareth, Voices of Chaotic Mischeif (they don't care what anyone calls them). And lastly, Harmony, the silent Voice, the Mirror, Channel, & Bridge between us all. Trapped in this unusual circumstance, we can only wonder what is in store for us all.

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