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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
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My Words

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Let me use your words?


Mine are hollow bones.


Yours are laughing, jumping sprites,


While mine just drop like stones.




My words are fretful, narrow things


but yours are wide and free,


mine starve in corners, where they lurk


And yours are filled with glee.




I need to use your words,


'cause mine don't work so well


Yours are humming, living things


while mine just sort of smell.




I could use your words


To say just what I mean,


My words are used, wrung out old rags


You couldn't use to clean.




I cant use my words,


for they have all run out.


They are withered, sere and lonely


And they just sit and pout.




Let me use your words?


Your words are strong and light.


My words are crooked, useless twigs,


and I really need to write.

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I find this hard to place words to. Mind if I use yours? Oh, well if yours aren't any good either, let me try.



Te feeling I get here s something we as writers must have all felt at some point, and by extension everyone creating anything, so pretty much everyone.It's recognisable, but almost in a way to be chewed out already, though the form you give it is refreshing. Your use of the rhyme scheme flows naturally for me, and doesn't seem forced at all. Nice feat there. Rythm, however, is something you could definitely use some work on, and meter by extension. Some lines and combinations thereof flow exceptionally well, other s are very jarring to me. Did you intend those to jar? The "darkly lurking" stands out in particular there. I think "where they lurk / while" would work much better there.


Content-wise, I love the self-referencing of the second to last stanza. Futher, I guess the old adage is true. Admitting you've a problem is the first step to gettig out of it, and I guess you've taken the second here already. Nice and empowering. ^_^


All in all, well done Jomeansme. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Edited by Mardrax

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