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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword


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O.K., it's more chocolate than tan, BUT I'm calling it DARK TAN.


Still have to find the code for a few places that are still blue (light blue bar below the 'EDITOR' screen for example) and adjust some color contrast (words in some of the bars and headers are hard to read).


Used the old tan background in posts and a few other places where I could.


May have to lose logo - found picture of Wizard on computer, but couldn't find whether or not it was free to use. There was nothing saying it WASN'T. . . but you never know.


Other than that, the old tan background, papyrus and faded yellow paper, I did everything that isn't just a plain, solid color myself (bars, buttons, footer, etc.).


I'll fix what I can when I figure it out and, as always, you can go to the bottom of the page and on the left side, select 'IP.Board' from the drop-down menu to change it back to the Blue Board.


Let me know what you think and ANY suggestions.



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