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Through all my life

and all my years

I've never seen

such gnawing fears

For every hearty laugh I took

I am now

took by tears.


A throbbing pain

with every drop

each jeweled dew

filled to the top

Streaking down

my cheeks they fall

and I can't make

them stop.


There's no one there

to rescue me

and I can't pay

the bridge's fee

From down beneath

the troll, he laughs,

and dangles forth

a silver key.


The goat-limbed keeper

shakes his head

and, gnawing on

a piece of bread

Sneers the tears

upon my face

and points down

to the dead.


"Fare the toll

or cross you not

drop them there

in clay-clad pot

If coins you have

not about you

then phoo you and

your stingy lot."


I turn away

I'm left behind

I have to dash

dreams from my mind

And if they torment

me still more

I'll leave this world

and all its kind.

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I'm not much of a poetry critic, but I must say I found the imagery in this poem very effective. Sorry I can't tell you much more, but that's all I have to say (at least until I analyze the poem in more depth, which I'm probably too lazy to do).


I'd definitely read this again.

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it's very descriptive. I'm not sure exactly how the troll and the bridge fit in, but at the same time it does seem to fit. I think I like it. (not very sure, feeling too tired, sorry)

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