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Ran Yoko


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wrote this back in August, and the next day, couldn't find it anywhere! found it yesterday, so decided to submit it for scrutinization.(if that's even an actual word:)) I was just writing down random thoughts about the subject of 'tomorrow' and it turned into a poem. might be a little strange, but I like the way it turned out.




Tomorrow, tomorrow

and yet another

spring before us,

blinding us with

the illusion of

another day.

But in finding

our tomorrow,

we merely find

another today.

Blue sky with sun,

gray sky with clouds

followed by nights

of moon and stars.

This mad, crazy cycle

is never-ending.

Yet we count on it

to plan and to live.

So live your today

to the best you can,

for there are those

who have no tomorrow.

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I do like this, yup. For a poetic doodle, it has a bit of depth and philosophy, while being easy to read. Somehow in my mind ties in well with the road one that Tanuchan recently wrote.

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