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So many people,

Passing in the night.

I wonder where they're going,

If they would stop and tell me,

Everything's all right.


I'm going home.


Home to my family.

Home where I belong.

I'm headed home tonight,

Nothing's wrong.


Every day I see their faces.

As they pass, I see the traces,

Of trouble and fear.

Eyes cast down, avoiding contact -

Moments to be near.


I wonder,


If there's something

I could have done.

If they were lonely,

Needed someone.


What would I do,

If asked, "Please may I talk to you?"

"Take my hand."

"Walk me home."

"Let me know that I'm not alone."


Would I?


In the mirror, I see a face.

In it, I can trace,

Weariness of many years.

I wonder, "Is he all right?"

"Avoiding contact - moments to be near?"

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This is awesome. I often wonder myself what other people are thinking as I pass them on the street. I wonder why us as people can be so close, even brush up on one another and never give that other person acknowledgement that they exist. These are beautiful words that you have written. Thanks for giving it to the world.

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Very good poem, Snypiuer. :-) The contemplations about the lives and emotions of strangers were definitely heartfelt, and the manner that the expressions of the strangers were brought back to the narrator's own face at the end of the poem was very effective. I also like the repetition of "home" in the second and third stanzas, and really sympathize with the emotions conveyed throughout the piece. There've certainly been times when I've wondered whether there's anything I could do to ease the sadness of strangers, and have contemplated the self-imposed social barriers that seem to prevent me from doing so.


Very well done, Snypiuer. Thanks for sharing this. :-)

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