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"Teaser" by Tralla

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An excellent teaser for your new story, Tralla, I love it so far! :-D The concept of a budding lycanthrope learning of her new urges in a veterinary clinic is very creative and original, and really captured my imagination. The scene that you set at the clinic is vivid in its depiction of the process of giving animals shots, with some details drawn from personal experience I'm sure. ;-) The way that Jack's thoughts about the animal gradually become more feral was very nicely done, and really got me curious about the direction that the story was taking. Its refreshing to read a story in such a unique and unusual setting, and I hope that you continue to incorporate the vet as Jack comes to terms with her ailment (IF she comes to terms with it). The only part of this initial post that I didn't like quite as much was the last line, which is cute but kind of drains the dramatic impact of the three lines that precede it. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to a continuation to this and enjoyed this first segment thoroughly.


Great to read something new from you, Tralla! It's a pleasure to have you back. :-)

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