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The Pen is Mightier than the Sword
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Oh, Sometimes, I just love

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Oh how I love

To see you smile

Your eyes and lips

Beacons of great joy


Oh how I love

To hold you close

Our selves entwined

Tender hearts aflame


Oh how I love

To know you're there

My shelter from this place

My angel here nearby


but sometimes you just

drown me in the sorrow

fill me up with doubt

cast shadows on my sunshine

and never hear me out


but sometimes you just

do not want to try

give up on the world

push everybody far

oh so far away


Oh how I love

The memories we share

The laughs that we enjoy

The happy times gone by

The moments I can keep


but sometimes you just

tell me you're afraid

cry a lake of tears


We'll stick it out

Through times, hard and soft

Through those days

When we wish we'd died


Don't close your heart

Don't open your eyes

Don't look around so much


I'm here for you,

You're here for me,

Oh how I love

To spend my life with you

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